Time To Face The Facts

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I had finished up everything up at the store and was headed to Ace's place. I really needed to talk to him about a lot and I didn't know how'd he react, but I had a lot of things to run by him. I really loved and cared about Ace that's why I think it's very important that we talk, communication is everything.

What I thought what was good news he probably didn't and yes it scared me a little bit. This conversation was on my mind every since I found out about it today, I just hoped ace would be as excited about it as I was.

My whole ride over to ace's place a lot was going through my mind. I just wanted him to be understanding and supportive that's all. I would think he would be happy for me , but you never know.

I pulled up in his drive way and took a deep breathe.

''Here we go.''I whispered to myself getting out my car. I knocked on the door and instantly smiled when I seen my baby. He looked so good right now with his jersey on and them damn shiny ass earnings in his ears.

''Hey baby.'' I said kissing his lips and hugging him.

''What's up baby.''he said hugging me back and grabbing my ass of course. It just so happened that I had on black tights that showed my booty off just right. I knew he just couldn't resist on feeling up on me, he never could.

''Always touching on my booty.'' I said laughing and going to go sit down on the couch.

'' Your body is my body, at least that's what you be telling me in the bedroom.''he said laughing and sitting on the couch next to me putting his arm behind me.

I just shook my head ''Where's  Melody at?''

''Upstairs in her feelings.''he said shaking his head.

''Why?''I asked getting all concerned.

''Man I don't know, y'all girls be tripping for real.''he said turning on the TV.

''Well , I'll talk to her later and see.''I said as he nodded, Melody was my sister and I wanted to make sure my girl was good.

''Aye' , but baby what did you wanna talk to me about?''Ace asked looking over to me.

Once he said that to me I was close to saying never mind or nothing, but I knew I had to tell him. He was my man and I should never hide anything from him no matter the circumstance because I know if the roles were switched I would most definitely wanna know everything.

I took a deep breath and sighed. His attention was now fully on me. All I could think was damn , how am I gonna tell him?

''Alexis you good baby?''he said rubbing my thigh.

''Yeah baby I'm fine.''I said with a slight smile when in reality I was nervous as hell.

''Alright so what's up?''he said turning his attention back to the Tv.

''Ummm Ace, it's about a life changing experience.''I said nervously.

When I said that shit it completely threw him off guard because he turned the tv off and turned his whole body towards me .

''Alexis stop beating around the bush and just let ya man know what's up, you ain't pregnant are you?''he asked seriously.

I was about to answer his question as the doorbell rang.

''Hold up alright.''Ace said answering the door as I nodded.

''What's up y'all?'' Nia said walking inside. We said our hello's and she went upstairs to go see Mel.

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