the Skywalker triplets

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Padmè cried out in pain as she pushed hard.

Stress, exhaustion, and heartbreak leaked from her eyes in the form of crystal tears.

"Keep going my lady, you can make it."  The droid spoke, its monotone voice attempting and failing to be sympathetic.

Padmè groaned and kept pushing.

Then, finally, she heard the wail of a living being.

" baby?"  She gasped.

"My lady, please, you have two more of your triplets to deliver and we do not know how long you will last, considering your current condition."  The droid reminded her.

Padmè nodded slightly and prepared for the next child.

After long hours of painful labour, she finally relaxed on the  bed.

"My children."  Padmè whispered softly.

"Ah yes."  The droids brought over  the babies and Padmè looked at them each one by one.

The first one had blond hair and sky blue eyes.  He looked so much like Anakin it made her heart hurt so much. "Luke."

The second one had dark brown hair and light chestnut eyes.  This one looked more like her. "Leia."

The third baby, third baby was a perfect mix between Anakin and herself.  The baby was paler than the others, and she had caramel hair and gorgeous blue eyes. "Lyra."

Padmè cried, her whole body shaking.  It wasn't fair.  It wasn't fair how Anakin wasn't here.  He wasn't himself, he...he was being controlled by the emperor.  He wasn't evil.  He had only lashed out at her because he was feeling hurt and abandoned.  He never meant to hurt her.  Of course...she would never know, because he was gone.


He was gone and left a hole in her heart.

A wound that would never heal.

Yes, she loved her babies, but Anakin, he was her world.

Her will to live.

She couldn't imagine living in a world where he was hated, feared, by people who would never know him like she had.

It was too much to bare.

"The Lady Padmè is weakening."  She faintly heard the droid say.

Padmè clung to her babies tight.

"I love you.  I love the three of you so much."  She wept with her final breathes.  "I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough, but know my love for you will always be there." 

She kissed each of their foreheads and closed her eyes.

Obi Wan ran into the delivery room.

"Padmè!"  He checked her pulse, and sure enough, the Queen and Senator of Naboo was gone to them.  He gently took the children out of Padmè's grasp.

Bail Organa walked in, his face grim. 

"She has passed."  He stated quietly and Obi Wan nodded.

"I...I can take one of them."  Organa proposed.

He stepped closer to Obi Wan and little Leia giggled a little, holding up a small, chubby hand.

The man from Alderaan smiled and picked Leia up.

"Hello little one."  He spoke.  "How would you like to live with my wife and I?" 

Then he looked up to Obi Wan.  "We will take the best care of her.  She will be our daughter and Princess of our planet."

Obi Wan nodded and said farewell to Bail.  Then he looked at the remaining triplets.

"Well, I suppose I could take you two to Tatooine. It's not the most glamorous place, but you have family there and I am going there anyway." 

Then loud noises were heard outside

Obi Wan carefully placed the babies in the care of the droids and then ran out, locking the door behind him.

He ran outside, where stormtroopers were running around, obviously searching for something.

Obi Wan confronted them, easily taking them down with his lightsaber.

After the stormtroopers were defeated, he ran back, only to see a big hole cut into the door.

The burning edges gave it all away.

Whoever had the lightsaber, was the culprit.

And Anakin was most likely dead by now...and the emperor needed an apprentice.

Obi Wan charged into the room, shuddering at the thought of the emperor raising the kids.

He looked around to see all the droids with their heads missing.

But that was not what brought Obi Wan the most horror.

Lyra Skywalker was missing.

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