calmith yo self child

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Jace sits contemptly, perplexed as they  looked at the newly written chapter.

They let out a lowly chuckle as they grinned mischievously.

"Oh, I see how this is..." they mumbled to thyself, followed by incoherent babbling.

"I'm tired..." Jace yawned, stretching until they heard a pop.

"OwWW!" Jace whined as they rubbed their shoulder.

They fell asleep soon after that, unaware of Blondey peeking in with a malevolent grin.

"The IPad..." she whispered.

She sneakily prowled her way over, much like a feline, as she slithered her fingers over the smooth surface of the electronic device. Before she could fully grasp the object, Jace abruptly sat up, staring at Blondey as she froze, the IPad in hand. Jace gasped before being thrown into a coughing fit for gasping too long.

"Faggot! Attack!" Jace shouted.

Kaneki looked up at Jace, a look of unamusment evident. He meowed before running off like the jerk he is, but not before starting a fight with Jace.

"Fudge..." Jace mumbled.

Blondey laughed hysterically, taking the IPad and running off once more.

"Ugh, I need coffee..." Jace mumbled before lazily following Blondey.

"Your move" they whispered.

"Ooh! Chess?"

"No. Stop talking to yourself Jace"

"Well you lost the sane part of your brain on that camping trip."

"HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHERE WE WERE, I THOUGHT YOU HAD THE MAP!" Jace continued to talk to themself.

"Blondey get back here!"

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