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So when I finished The Flirt, FyujiThePhan asked me to write a Jelix story. (Hi friend if you're reading this)

I thought about it and was kind of like "Why would I? Could I even write that?"

Well turns out I can and I have.

There was a Septiplier story that I had a plot for and I was looking at it and for some reason it fit so much better with Jelix that I think I'll actually write the whole thing because it's not half bad.

I know that's going to be weird to see because currently I have four septiplier books but I see why something like Jelix would be appealing so now that I'm considering it, I think I'm pretty much willing to do more ships I've just centered around doing Septiplier.

Also I've already got a few chapters but I have to make a cover so when I get that done I'll start posting that book too! So just keep an eye on things, I intend to release the book on December Twenty-Eighth if you are all interested.

I thought for such a long time just writing things that other people like, but I think that there's a happy medium where I can also enjoy what I write and since I like the plot and I liked what I have developed so far in the characters, I think why not? Because in the end I think this should be more of what I want, considering writing is one of my greatest stress relievers.

So thank you for the suggestion, and as I was thinking about the other day, I'm glad that I have come to this conclusion. Thank you all for reading, and I totally understand if not all of you are interested, I'll still be working on my new stuff too, so don't worry you'll still get you reoccurring updates!

But I totally love the idea of taking suggestions, it's actually really.. Inspiring? Invoking? It gives me ideas and when you're a semi creative person like I am, you really enjoy getting ideas that make you think like this. So I'm totally willing to think about ideas that you have. I won't make a promise to incorporate everything, but seriously if you have anything for me to consider, I want to hear it! You guys usually come up with really good stuff so I like seeing what you have to say or ideas you have.

I know, I'm being redundant, I just feel like I can never stop emphasizing that point.

Also, I meant to put this up last night before I went to bed and I didn't. So I woke up this morning and was like, oh. Look at that. Something is done but I didn't post it like I told myself I would!


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