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I try to update every single day.

As you can imagine, this is really fucking hard.

I try to also write multiple chapters in advance. But for some reason I don't like just having a finished chapter sitting around and I post a lot at once.

I get just as much writer's block as the next person though, and I am busy like other people my age. It's hard to update every day. I want to make sure each chapter has something to it, and considering that I set standards for my chapters, sometimes that's harder.

Instantly when I think of standards, I think of the fact that I have a certain length requirement.

I refuse to end a chapter before 1000 words m. I prefer ending them at 1500 and refuse to have one over 3000.

That's a lot. Sometimes it's easier and I just lose track of how much I've wrote. Sometimes I'll find that a chapter is only 800 words and I'll have to keep going.

Also, I don't like filler chapters that don't really make sense to exist there (I am a perpetrator of this though) so I want each of my chapters to progress the plot.

Which is also hard when you want to update a certain length chapter every day.

So right now it's only been a few days but I've been trying to write a chapter and I've deleted it and started over so many times. Either I feel it's "too typical" or "not interesting" which I try to avoid.

So when I fail my promise of "updating every day" for starters, I'm trying really hard to do something that not everyone does, and again, I want to make sure that quantity doesn't replace quality.

I am working on a chapter I just need some ideas for it.


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