Evil little girl that she is

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I'm back bitches so no need to fear lol i got some help from this dude i met today and he gave me some ideas


the younger guy pushed past the other dude who was still staring at me and came right up into my face and said in a dangerous tone " Listen hear girlie tell anyone that we wore the ones who did the prank and i will brake that pretty little face of yours got it  "  to prove his point he gave me a little push but as he was letting  his hand fall back by his side i quickly held it behind his back and pushed him face first into the floor

" listen hear dick wad no one and i mean no one tells me what to do because the people who do usually ends up in hospital now if your a good boy i might not heart that ugly mug of yours got it princes " because he was still struggling i sat myself on his back and put allot of perisher on his arm to prove that i wasn't fucking around

" OK OK what do you want anything just get of me " he shouted the get of me part well boo hoo for him because i have got a plane and i need his help

" how about this i will make you a deal if you and your mate over they're  come home with me and my boys i will tell you my offer but if you don't well its strait to the hospital you go " i looked over at the other guy who was just staring at me as his friend is still struggling underneath me

" OK well come with you but I'm not saying I'm doing anything for you till i know what it is so GET OF ME and we can go " ohhh someone has a temper it will be fun to annoy hIm 

" just follow us to my home where we can talk but if you try and run well this little thing will be coming out "

 to prove my point i pulled out my nine millimeter and made a big show of putting it in my front pocket . he looked absolutely terrified that i cared around a gun but what do you expect I'm going to run a gang as soon as this year is over plus i have allot of enemies who would try and put a bullet through my head the first moment they could . on the way to the bikes Shane pulled me to the back of the group out of ear shot and asked me the winning quieten

" why are we taking theme home ? and what deal are we making theme ? " he looked so confused it took all i had not to laugh at him 

" Well we need some people who no the school well they would know who was who and help when its needed "

" you are evil you know that right " i new he was joking by the big smile on his face but this is all part of my plane and with theme on our side all the people who have done me wrong are going to wish they were never born              SO look out world I'm back and I'm bad


what did you all think ?

love you all E xxx