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The girl sat in the corner of the closet, preventing harsh breathing only to keep herself alive.

Truth be told, she was failing slightly.

She was scared. She was anxious. She felt negative.

Her heart lay in the depths of despair, feeling as if she would be caught.

She knew she would. It was inevitable, considering the route she'd taken.

The negativity only seemed to grow.

She held tightly to her jacket, feeling her stomach swell in anticipation. Yes, she was scared. But at the same time, she was excited.

She wanted to chuckle, but then she rembered.

She was hiding in a closet.

And it was still in there.

It's voice, rasp and sharp, growled and hissed.

She quivered.


It snapped it's neck toward the sound of the soft voice.

It krept up toward the closet.


It jiggled on the lock.

She looked around the closet, desperately in search for an escape route.


She crawled toward the hanger rack, climbed up, and hid in the blankets.

It slammed open the door.

And then....

"HAH!!!" Blondey- screamed, shoving the blanket in Jace's face.

"GAHH!!" It screamed, collapsing to the floor with a grunt and a 'thud'.

Blondey- ran toward the hall, screaming and her throat erupting in childish laughter.

"BEE!!!" Screamed it, chasing after the girl.


"NEVER!!" replied the young, short-haired blonde.

Well, that is, before tripping on a cat.

"AHG-- FUUU-- CURSE YOU, PROSTITUTE!!!" She screamed.

Jace caught up to her, snatched her IPad, and walked away.

"Dont. Go on. My account."

"Fine.." Groaned Blondey-.


Blondey- snickered, bringing up her phone.

"Continue on your book; Starlet_emend?"

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