Narrator's Pov

When Izeiah couldn't take it further she hacked the security that kept the door intact. Ivan's phone was broken. She used his first but after she figured out that his phone is hackproof, in frustration she threw it on the wall.

They heard the beeping sound of the door and slowly it opened.

Ivan fished out his other phone in his other pocket. And red what hus Butler sent him.

Robinson Clan

They're responsible for ruling the Red House that's open every December first. According to inside intel, the Red House, for the first time in 5 years, is not going to open because the manager has business to settle.

Robinson Clan is one of the Tria Fyli. This Clan has slowly shrink it's popularity because of being inactive for quite time now. Si Shizu and Ichizoku heirs might never have heard of the name for always being out of the picture.

Those eyes of theirs always cause havoc among people because of the rarity. Because the Robinsons works quiet and are always secretive, only few members of the clans are known to the public or have been spotted, that's why others took it as a challenge to try and catch them.

The only war they were in was the Third War because of some disagreements between the Shikaiken Clan. Rumors says that they tried to keep the peace between clans who's going to trigger the 4th War after but couldn't because one of their best assassins has fallen to a trap and was poisoned. Then before the 5th War broke out the assassin warned the clans who are attempting to start the war by threatening them with their green eyes, the Robinson eyes.

This were the only details his Butler could dig.

"Searching my Clan, huh?" Izeiah said as she tiptoed to get a better look on what's on Ivan's phone. Ivan glanced at her.

"You won't tell me that's why my Butler ended up wasting his energy."

"Is it suppose to be my fault for not knowing the other Tria Fyli member?" She said.

"I never studied other Clans. I never fancy so." Ivan told Izeiah and turned off his phone then shove it in his pocket before she could even think of chucking it out again.

"Oh, buddy. You're missing out a heck of a fun here." she said and even made tsk, tsk sound.

"When you say fun, do you mean a lot of blackmails and advantages towards the others?" Ivan asked that made Izeiah looked away.

"The possibilities. Oh well, your loss not mine." Nakangiting sabi ni Izeiah.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but others are too dull to even play with"

"Excuse me? Dull? Are saying I'm boring you stupid Shikaiken?" Magkadugtong na ang kanyang mga kilay dahil sa narinig.

"Aren't you?"

Nalaglag ang panga ni Izeiah at winalk out'an si Ivan na ngayon ay nakangisi. Hindi niya naman problema kung hindi napansin ni Izeiah na pagabi na pala. Kaya babalik siya.


Hating gabi na at hindi parin bumabalik si Izeiah. Sinubukan niyang itrack siya pero mukhang yung phone niya ay hack- proof.
Ipapalocate na sana niya sa Butler niya ng merong tumawag. Naiirita narin siya dahil ilang oras na siyang hindi pa bumabalik.

On The Phone

The fuck? Did you fucking glance outside? Did you see the fucking sun up? Because if you did, well, news flash buddy, I didn't.

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