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Twenty-Two years later

 A/N The gif is Nikki Reed As Camilla Teller

Camilla looked at herself in the mirror, her brown hair cascading down her shoulders as she carefully applied her lipstick. This was a huge day for her, a huge day period in the history of SAMCRO. She was being patched over as the new President the youngest to ever take the title, and the first woman since her mother.

"You look beautiful." Her mother said from the doorway, Camilla smiling as she looked over at her, her long hair streaked with gray and her face carrying a few wrinkles that told her story. Camilla's mother Eva had been the toughest woman, she had ever known Camila thanking her lucky stars that she had gotten a mother like her.

  Camilla finished with her makeup and stood back, her Reaper Crew shirt hugging her body as tried not to look nervous. She had never felt nervous, but her life was changing in a matter of hours, something she had worked her entire life for.

"Mom, how did you do this?" She asked as she turned to face her mother, her eyes going down to the brown torn and tattered leather jacket in her mothers hands. Camilla was ready to take her place in the club, ready to finally be the woman she knew she could be. She was also ready to see her father finally step down and relax.

"I held my head up, and I took my place in my club. Remember Camilla, you look down to no one." Eva told her as she lifted her chin with her fingers. "Put this on, your father is waiting." Her mother said as she walked away, Camilla smiling as she heard the familiar rumbled of her father Harley outside.

Camilla took a deep breath and threw on her mother's old leather jacket, a jacket she had been given on her 18th birthday. She smiled at herself once more in the mirror before confidently walking out, her eyes rolling as she saw her parents kissing once again.

Her father was a current President of the Sons of Anarchy, but since he had hit the age of 57, it was his time to step down. Even in his old age her father was still as handsome as his younger days, his once blonde hair now white and beard now longer now as if to match his age. She hated how her friends and teachers would fawn over her father, but also loving that her mother would put them in their place.

"Stop it—that's gross." Camilla protested as she grabbed her helmet and kicked her leg over her bike. She ignored their taunts and loud kisses and started her bike, throwing the finger up to both as they laughed at her cringed face.

Camilla was lucky to have parents like them, parents that showed her how to lead without sacrificing who you were as a person. She watched as her mother started her bike, a sense of pride going over her as she knew this was going to be their first ride as a family in a while.

Her older brother Abel couldn't make it for her patch over, his platoon in the Marines still stationed overseas. She always smiled when she thought about him, remembering the day he told their parents he was leaving Charming for a new life in the military.

"Ready?" Her father asked as he revved his engine, Camilla nodded her head as she slipped on her riding glasses.

"Let's ride!" Camilla said as she slipped her custom Harley into gear and sped off down the road, her father to her right and her mother to her left, Camilla out in front, where she felt she belonged.


Walking into the clubhouse was like walking into a party scene, all the members in attendance for this historic day. She hugged her uncle Opie, and her Aunt Lyla, trying not to cry as they got sentimental on her.

"Are ye ready, love?" A familiar Scottish voice said from the bar. She walked over and hugged her family friend Chib's, thankful that he had been able to make it back from Belfast on such short notice. He was getting up in years, all the old members were, but all of them were there for her. It was a brotherhood, and a family, a bond like no other.

  The only one who was not in attendance was Piney and Clay, both succumbing to the bitch that was cancer years before, her Grandmother Gemma now using oxygen just to be able to breath.

"Ready?" Her mother asked as she placed her arm on her shoulder, Camilla standing up straight as she nodded her head. She walked into the clubhouse chapel with her parents by her side, watching as her father removed his patches and placed them on the table.

"I never thought this day would come, but since it has too—I'm fuckin proud to give this club over to my daughter, Camilla Teller. SAMCRO is yours baby." He said as he hugged her, everyone cheering as they watched Eva sew the patches onto her daughters cut.

Camilla stood tall and grabbed the gavel from the table, knocking the table three times for everyone to quiet down. She looked around the room at the next generation of SAMCRO, all of them loyal to her and faithful to the reaper patch.

"Alright—this is what we do."


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