Chapter Nineteen:The Start Of a New Life

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"Dad, I need those receipts from last month." Eva yelled from the couch in her father's office as she tried to do that books. She had been the book keeper at Diosa International for three months, the only thing she could do now that she was all belly and nothing else.

She groaned as she tried to get comfortable, her due date just four days away, but Eva was ready for the little girl to make her entrance. She had been feeling minor contractions all day, but the Doctor assured her it was normal. Jax had been on her ass all week, never letting her out of his sight, until it came time for the club's church meeting.

"Here, are you sure you can do this? You look uncomfortable, mija." Her father said as he gently rubbed her belly. Eva smiled weakly and tried to get comfortable again, her shirt lifting to reveal her shiny belly. She scoffed and pulled Jax's reaper crew shirt down, ignoring her father's chuckle at her misery.

"Dad, I am fine—but hey can you get me something to eat—something spicy." She said with a smile as she looked at her phone, her eyes scanning over a text from Jax. He had been texting her every ten minutes asking how she felt, each time she replied with no baby yet. She sat and stared at the books, her mind unable to concentrate on the anything but the fact that she was going to be a mother soon.

She had been a stepmother to Abel, but she feared she would follow the same pattern as her own mother, a fear that she knew was insane. Jax had been assuring her that she was not her mother, and deep down Eva knew she was nothing like her mother. Eva had never been so happy, and she knew that Jax was finally feeling settled in his club.

He had been patched over as president and had been making amazing changes to the club, just like his father wanted. The Renegades had taken a note from SAMCRO and gotten away from all illegal activities, investing themselves in the escort business along with SAMCRO. Eva at times felt like she had missed out on what she could have had as President of The Renegades, but then again, she was happiest with Jax.

She had no regrets and knew that had she even tried to stay in her club, it would have eaten her alive. She was happy and finally free of the chains that once held her down, chains that Jax had helped break. She had helped free him from the demons of his past and helped him to see what a great man he was, and what he could become.

Eva tossed the books aside and sighed, slowly pushing up from the couch to stretch her legs. She rested her hands on her back as she felt a contraction, her belly going tight as she closed her eyes and waited for it to pass.

She furrowed her brow as she felt something strange, a wet sensation running down her legs almost as if she peed herself. She looked down at the grey sweats she had stolen from Jax, a very noticeable dark spot that smelled nothing like pee.

"Dad?" She yelled, waiting to hear his voice form down stairs.

"What is it, honey? I'm makin your food." He yelled, Eva smirking as she knew the night was about to get intense.

"Dad! My water just broke!" She yelled, walking out of the office to the stairs, her father and some of the escorts rushing to her. She opened her phone and dialed Jax as she carefully walked down the stairs, her father slipping his arm around her waist just in case she stumbled.

"Hello?" She heard Jax say as she answered the phone almost immediately.

"Jax, its time! Head to St Thomas." Eva said as she felt another contraction grip her, this time the pain stronger. She handed the phone to her dad as the pain was more intense, her hand on her belly as they walked out to his black dodge truck. Her father helped her inside before rushing to the driver side, the sun setting in the west as they took off for St Thomas.

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