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I closed my locker. Thinking. "Hey Ty"Ross said. I smiled. "What's up"I said. "Want to hang out after school"he asked. I nodded. "Why not"I said.

Then we started walking to class. I saw Ross looking at a certain ginger. "I don't know why you like him. He's a jerk"I said. "I know but he's nice to me"he said. I rolled my eyes.

Then someone bumped into me. I turn around to see a kid still walking. He had a small pony tail. And I could tell he had a necklace.

"Ty"Ross pushed me. I looked at him. "What"I asked. "Class let's go"he pointed to class. I nodded.


"I hate math class"I said. Ross nodded. I saw Red. "Hey bud"I said. He smiled. "How are you guys"he asked. "Fine. We survived math class with Mr.Devil"Ross said.

I nodded. "Heh. Well time for science. Let's go Ty. See ya Ross"Red said. Ross nodded.

We and Red then walked to Science. We sat down. He was behind me. I turned around. "We have a stupid project don't we"I asked. He shook his head. "Ok. "I said.

"Mr.Deadlox turn around "the teacher said. I turned around. "Ok so today we need to watch a video and answer the questions. If done early work on other homework "he said.

Then someone walked in. "Mr.Sky nice of you to join us. Please sit next to Mr.Deadlox"the teacher said.

The kid rolled his eyes. He sat by me. I didn't care. But I couldn't help but look at him. He had the pony tail. And a necklace. That's the kid.

I then watched the video and answered the questions fast. I turned it in and got some looks.

I got out other homework. "How did you finish that fast"the kid whispered. "I payed attention to the video and I know some stuff"I whispered back. He nodded.

I saw him stuck on one problem. I pointed to the answer. He gave me a look. I smiled. Then finished my other homework.

Then the bell rang. "If not finished its homework "the teach said. Everyone nodded. I saw the kid next to me turn it in.

I smiled. I packed my stuff and walked to my locker. I put my stuff away and got my writing stuff for a certain class I take.

I closed my locker and saw Ross. I jumped a little. "Jeez. "I said. He laughed. "Let's go"he said. I nodded. We saw Red on the way and said bye.

Then we got to our class. I sat down and Ross was on the other side of me. The other side was always empty.

"Good afternoon class. How is everyone today"Mrs.Right said. Everyone said good. "Ok. So today we have a special two partner project "she said.

The door opened. It was that kid. "Hi. What is your name"she asked. He gave her a note. "Adam Sky. Nice to meet you"she said. He nodded.

"May I ask you to take those sunglasses off"she said. He shook his head. He pointed to the letter.

"Oh. Ok. I understand. Are you new to the school "she asked. "No"he said quietly. "Never mind. It just says mom wants you to be in a writing class. "She said. He nodded.

Ross poked me. I looked at him. "Stop staring "he whispered. I blushed. He laughed a little.

"Sit wherever you want. "She said. He looked at me. I looked down. When I looked up I saw him sitting down by me. He nodded.

"Ok. So the writing project is to have the partners write about love. And what they think about it. I would like one full page what one person thinks. Other page the other. And the third page I want you to talk with the parented about love. Do you think of it the same"she said.

Everyone nodded. "So it works if you are dating someone in this room. If not that's ok"she said. "Now pick"she said. Ross looked around. He saw his cousin Shelbie.

"Family works to"Mrs. Right said. Ross walked to Shelbie. Everyone had a partner.

"Ty and Adam. "Mrs.Right said. I looked at her. She nodded. I looked at Adam. "Guess we are working together "I said. He nodded.

"Um want to work at the library after school"I asked. He nodded. "K"I said.


I saw him walk away. "Dude what is with you and staring at him"Ross asked. "I don't know"I said. He rolled his eyes. "Let's go get food"he said. I nodded.

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