"WHAT? A 'D'? " I exclaimed. I was the center of attention at ths point and I didn't give two fucks.

" yeas davida a 'D' your performance wasnt up to parr" my so-called dance teacher, Mr. Fields stated taking a seat in the front of the clas waiting for the next performance.

BULLSHIT! I worked my ass off perfecting that routine for him to tell me it was only worth of a 'D'. I hevent even ate anything since Tuesday, it was now Thursday. Between studying for final exams, homework, filling out college applications, and chores, I havent had the time. If my dad finds out that I got a 'D' I'm DEAD.

" but I busted my butt perfecting it, is there anything I can do?" I followed him to the from of the class who's attention was now on me and Mr. Fields.

He sighed," look, I'll tell you what, if you can perfectly execute 'Sally' I'll bump you up to a 'B'"

I'm dead. Sally had to be the most difficult dance ever in the history of west valley high. No one could perform it perfectly the way it's supposed to be. " that's impossible no one can!!" I shouted.

He raised his eyebrow,"actually, someone already has."

I scrunched my face," WHO?!?"

" Craig." he said

One again, " who?!"

He was quiet for a second then I heard someone from the class clear their throat. I turned my head to where the sound came from. He was sitting in the back of the classroom. He had a Mohawk with blonde on the top. He was cute.

He spoke," im Craig"

I could've sworn I just had a eargasm, he had the most sexiest voice I have EVER heard. I just stared at him and he stared back.

"oh" I looked back at Mr. Fields breaking our eye contact," that's him, not me. I still can't do it" I crossed my arms across my chest.

He shrugged, " take it or leave it. NEXT" he called for the next presenter.

I rolled my eyes and made my way back to my spot on the floor with the rest of the class, but not before making eye contact with that craig kid. He was still looking at me.



I moved my body to the beat, making sure every move was perfect. I decided to take Mr. Fields up on his offer. I stayed after so I could use the studio. I also skipped my 3rd, 4th, and my lunch period working on this routine and I still couldn't get it right. My stomach was growling and I had a headache, but was I going to quit? Nope.

The song went off and I grabbed the remote and started it from the beginning. I stood in the middle of the studio as the music restated and waited for the beat to drop. When it did I went to work.

"walk, stop, turn, pop, dip, spin, drop, crawl.." I repeated over in my head trying to keep up.

I was doing good until the chorus of the song came, A.KA. The hardest part.

" drop, bounce, pick it up, clap, shake, spin, jump, ninja kic-" I fell and busted my ass

" FUCK!" I got up and punched the nearby wall. Fuck it! I'm gonna fail.

" that actually wasn't that bad" I jumped and turned in the direction the voice was coming from to see that Craig kid from class.

" the fuck? You scared me" I said grabbing my chest.

He stepped closer," sorry my bad. Davida, right?"

I looked at him funny," yea, and your Craig?"