81. Offense is a good Defense

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Tristan sighed. His eyes did not move from his father's expression as he slowly bent over and reached for the sowrd. Once he touched the sowrd, his father attacked and it was one real work out when he took his father on. He had no idea where his father got his strength from. He was slim, tall and less bulky than Francesco Rosario. But he was as strong.

As Tristan barely touched the handle, his father lounged at him and Tristan found himself fighting very hard. Tristan dogded the attack and managed to get up. That was when his father attacked non stop as Tristan retreated defending himself.

Emanuelle taunted "Son... You seem to have forgotten... Offense is a good defence... Attack me..."

Tristan knew he had no chance if he attacked now. His father had the advanatge. His father was a professional expert in fencing and even had beaten various fencing champions when he was in college. What chance did he stand? So he responded "Father... You proved your point."

Emanuelle asked "You think so?..." He then narrowed his eyes as he fastened his pace of attacking him and Tristan in turn retreated and defended like his life depended on it. He barely could hold on for much longer. His father was really fast. His mother even said that Francesco had never lost in fencing to anyone but to his father. What chance did Tristan have?

Emanuelle watched his son run away behind his desk and he circled his son "Woah, son. I have not even started with you. Next time you betray your old man get ready for the consequences."

Tristan sighed in frustration "What chance do I have? This is no fair fight and you know it... I dont even practice much fencing these days..."

Emanuelle jumped over his desk and towards Tristan. As he touched the ground he started his attack on his son. Emanuelle asked "Who's fault is that?"

He retorted "I cant fit fencing in my schedule as much as I used to... I have to study for next year's exams... They can take me to college"

Emanuelle stated "So enjoy getting beaten every time then..." Emanuelle knew his son was the fencing champion of his school. Tristan even didnt know his own potential. His reflexes were faster than anyone his age. He was above average in terms of coordination and reflex speed. He of course didnt want it to go into his head but Tristan was gifted and Emanuelle's adult physcial strength was what made him beat his son. But tactically his son was flawless in fencing and any mode of fighting.

Tristan then found himself cornered. He was trying to find an escape route. He was being backec into the corner of the room. He was so dead. He knew he was going to pay for it later but he kicked the footrest that was near  towards his father and then used the distraction to run away retreated to the other side of the room watching his father who was approaching him slowly with a content but taunting smile " You have done it now son... Do you really think you can get away with striking your old man?"

Tristan gulped and took a step backwards. His father was the most dangerous man he had ever met. No one came close. His father did not always make his emotions known and he struck back so hard. It was also very hard to read his father's intentions from his words or facial expression. But it was obvious he was done for. He had just hit his father. Had he lost his mind or what? But he did anything for Vienna. If his shirt got ripped he was not going to be going on any dates with Vienna until Christmas  and this month was June.

Tristan found himself a shield that was a large framed  painting on the wall. He held it up and waited for his father to attack him.

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