Chapter 4 ♥:

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My alarm repeatedly screamed at me. I thought I could put it up with it but instead I got irritated.

"Shut up!" I yelled, slamming the snooze button. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and looked at the time.

"I better hurry up.." I said quietly to myself.


I was walking down the sidewalk to my school carrying my books, until I heard a loud car horn. I winced and turned around, then smiled as I did.

Of course, you guessed who it was.

Leon rolled down his window with a grin. "Hey, Y/N get in! You don't wanna be late do ya?! And I don't either.." He thought for a second. "I actually don't care.." He whispered. "But get in!" Leon smiled and motioned for me to get in.

"This dork." I shook my head and giggled as I climbed into his truck.

"Hey!" He said as I shut my door.

"Hey Leon!" I responded.

"You excited for the festival?" He asked happily.

"Hell yeah!" I said, lightly clapping my hands together.

He chuckled as he drove to the school.

~ Timeskip brought to you by Leon's 3rd ear piercing // idk just go with it ^^' // ~

It was the end of the day, and the school bell usually rang at 2:34. It was 2:33 and I felt jittery in my seat. Leon was beside me, tapping his pencil on the desk, obviously bored. The bell had then rang, and everyone jumped out of their seats. Leon walked over to my desk and smiled.

"Heyyyy!" He said.

I snickered. "Heyyyy." I mocked.

Leon looked at me and whined a little. "Come onn hurry! The festival is at four fifteen!"

You grabbed your belongings. "Yeah yeah I'm coming!" You stood up and followed him out the door.


"I'll be real quick! I promise!" I said as Leon stopped in front of my house. "Wait, don't you need to get dressed too?" I asked him.

He nodded. "Yeah, I have my change of clothes in my backseat from baseball."

"Well, you could just change in my house!" I offered and smiled as he nodded.

"Y-Yeah! That'd be great, thanks!" He grabbed his bag and turned the car engine off.

We walked into my house. "I'll be upstairs in my room changing. " I said as I went up the stairs.

"Okay!" He called as I already walked in my room. I shut the door and dressed in a tight black tee shirt, flannel, and my docs. // you can change if you like! // I brushed my hair and sprayed on perfume, then walked down the stairs. I must've went down there on the wrong time, because what I seen was unremarkable.

Leon had on black jeans, a chain belt with white and black shoes. All that was left to put on was his... Shirt.

'Shit..' I cursed in my mind as I felt my face feel hot. He slipped off his school uniform shirt slowly, as it revealed his muscular figure.

I covered my mouth and hid behind the corner, waiting for Leon to get fully dressed.

He finally got his clothes on, and he called me. "Y-Y/N! I'm finished you can come down!"

I slowly walked down the steps, pretending that nothing happened. Once I seen his outfit, he looked... Amazing. Though, he looked really alternative. Which was awesome 'cause I loved rock music.

I smiled. "Leon! You look great!" I complimented, because damn, he really did look good.

"Heh, thanks!" He rubbed the back of his neck. It looked like he was... Blushing?

"I can say the same about you.." He smiled really bashful like.

"Aw, thanks Leon!" I giggled.

"Anytime! Let's get going yeah?" He nodded.

"Yeah! Let's go!" I chimed and walked out the door, shutting it behind me and Leon. We hopped in his truck, and drove to the festival.


We made it to the festival, and I looked at the scenery in awe. Cherry blossom trees surrounded the whole place!

"Leon! This is... Beautiful!" I smiled joyfully.

"I know right?!" Leon turned the car engine off and got out, grabbing a blanket and a bag. I hopped out too, and walked with him to find a spot.

"Aha!" Leon ran to an open spot and smiled, laying out the blanket. The whole ground was covered in cherry blossom petals however, so some got on the blanket.

"Is this a picnic?" I chuckled as I sat down.

"Yep!" He nodded and sat down next to me. "Other people come out here to make out, as you can see." Leon sighed as a faint blush spread across his face. There were more couples at this event than friends.

"O-Oh.." I looked to the side as a cherry blossom petal fell on my head. Leon giggled and picked it up off my head. I smiled.

"Hey Leon, what did you bring in here?" I chuckled and looked through the bag. I seen a bag of potato chips and pulled it out.

"Oooh! Chips! Can we have some please please please?" I pleaded as if I was a child.

Leon laughed. "Duh, that's when they're here for!" He pet my head. He then realized what he was doing, then blushed.

"Sorry Y/N." He smiled shyly. I opened the bag.

"Don't worry Leon! Its fine!" I said as I stuffed my face with the chips.

He chuckled and took a couple out for himself. "Oooh! Here comes the parade!" He cheered.

"Parade?" I asked with a giggle.

"Yeah! They have a parade traditional to the cherry blossoms!" He explained. "Ya might wanna get comfortable." He snickered as he rubbed my back.

I instantly blushed. 'Oh my god this little freaking tease..'


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