5) Defence

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"I didn't mean it."

This was a tactical lie on Quill's part. Probably not one that was going to work, judging by Clara's expression.

"You can't threaten students like this." Clara said firmly. Quill wasn't exactly worried. It wouldn't be the first time she'd been lectured by her.

"He. Deserved. It." Quill dragged out each word viciously. Words could be violent if you pick the right ones to spit out at your enemy. In fact a certain vicious word was exactly how Quill had gotten to the point where she had shoved the scrawny Gryffindor against a wall and dug her wand into his neck till he squirmed.

Charlie was annoying. In fact having to look after him had been nothing but inconvenient from the very start. But he did not deserve that word. No one did. (It wouldn't be the first time Quill had almost been pushed to the edge because of that word.

"What did Luke do?" Clara asked. She was stood up now and was pacing her office. Serval of the portraits followed her.

"He decided that it would be appropriate to use a rather disgusting slur when talking about Charlie." Quill tightened her grip on her wand. Part of her wanted to storm down to where the Gryffindor common room was and deliver with her earlier threats.

"Charlie Smith?" Clara stopped her pacing for a moment. Clara liked Charlie. And she probably knew about the history between him and Quill.

"Apparently the fact he likes a student of the same gender means Charles should be insulted." Quill clutched her fist. She didn't need a wand to end this. All good warriors could fight with their fists. And there was a reason why Quill wore such pointy heels.

The homophobia left an unpleasant feeling in Quill's stomach. And while Quill could live without Charlie's constant pining over the (admittedly rather handsome) Zcocha student, it wasn't disgusting in the way a certain Gryffindor felt like pointing out. (It brought back memories for her too. Of harsh laughter and the same slur, years ago.) 

"You did this all for Charlie?" Clara was looking at Quill curiously.

Quill sighed. "I did it because, as I said earlier, he deserved it."

"Please do not ever threaten a student again." Clara came full circle, sitting down at her chair again. "I could have you fired for this."

"Will you?" Quill didn't think Clara would go through with it.

"No." Clara finally admitted. "But you've been warned Andrea. I'll have Luke moved out of your lessons."

"And Charlie's lessons." Quill added.

"That's the second time you've called him that." Clara observed. "I think you care about him more than you let on."

"Don't tell Charles that." Quill crossed her arms. Charlie could go on thinking that she hated him. It was for the best.

"If that's what you want?"

"Is that a question?" Quill leaned forward over the desk. "You should know I find Charles to be quite annoying."

Clara looked slightly amused. "If you insist."

"I do." Quill stood up. "But I insist you keep Luke Jacobs away from Charles. So I won't be tempted to destroy him again."

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