Snowy Daze

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Gordon park was entirely covered in snow. Who would have thought that the park would be so vibrant and filled with so many people on the night before Christmas? The sky was pitch black, sprinkling the entire city with tiny little snowflakes. Sally Dean could swear that at some point, she saw it sparkled.

A small grin curled on her face as she watched young couple struggling to skate on the ice ring. It was adorable to her but funny to the group of teenagers standing a few feet away from where she sat on the wooden bench next to the water fountain.

It had been ten minutes, since she had arrived here waiting for her boyfriend, Daniel. For some reason she felt nervous and for that, she could only thank her delightful best friend Katie. After Daniel had called her, acting all mysterious, asking her to meet him here ; Katie had insisted that this could only mean one thing - he was going to finally pop the question.

They had been together for four years now and thing couldn't be any better between them. After they had met at a concert on her eighteenth birthday, they had been together eversince. It made sense if he had finally wanted to make her his - officially. 

She smiled to herself at the pleasant memories they had shared together. God, I hope that he really does propose tonight, she thought, closing her eyes and breathing in the cool air.


Her head sprung around and she smiled when she met a pair of dark familiar eyes. She got up from where she sat and took a few steps before finally coming face to face with him.

"Hey, Babe." She said tipping toeing to plant a kiss on his lips.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting. I got stuck in traffic. Forgot that the Christmas parade was today." Daniel said smiling lowly. "C-can we sit down? I kind of have something important to say to you." He said swallowing nervously.

"Of course." She said leading him back to the bench that she had been sitting on.

Her eyes remained focused on his face, judging by his reaction ; he was definitely going to ask her to marry him.

"Sorry," he swallowed, wiping his sweaty hands on his coat, "...I don't know how to say this." He heaved a heavy breath.

"Just say whatever comes natural, babe." She said, giving him some encouragement.

"Okay."He agreed taking her hands in his. " Sally, you and I have known each other for four years right?"

Sally simply nod, she couldn't speak, not when her heart was beating violently against her ribcage... this was really happening.

"And I've loved you for all those years but.."

Her hand slipped his as a frown now covered her face.


"Let me finish. I need to say this." He interjected. "--but I've met someone at work. I've been seeing her for weeks now and I just couldn't continue lying to you about it. I'm sorry Sally, I do love you but I'm inlove with her."

"What does that even mean? She muttered in a daze of shock and confusion.

Her heart ripping in shreads, fighting against the tears that threatened to fall.

"It means that I'm moving out, that ending this...what we have and that I'm going to be seeing someone else." He said, unable to look at her face.

"Your leaving me? On Christmas Eve? A day before our anniversary?" She choked, her voice broken.

This couldn't be real. It couldn't. This was Daniel,, the love of her life. How was she going to survive this?

"I'm really sorry Sally. But I just, I can't. I can't do this." He stated before standing up.

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