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"So what do you think of Bella and your new room, Racheal?"

Looking around with wide eyes still clinging to Willow for dear life she gasps

"This is ours?"

"Yes it is. What do you think of it?"

"I love it!"

Letting go she circles the room excitedly. Taking in every detail and committing them to memory.

"I think I like it here." She murmurs thoughtfully before jumping on the farthest bed "This ones mine." She declares before throwing herself back, narrowly missing banging her head upon the wall.

"I really am grateful, Jenny." Willow thanks me for the millionth time. Before setting Bella down on letting her explore the doll house closer "When I return, hopefully in victory I will pay for any expenses."

"Don't worry about it, just make sure you come back safely for the girls sake."

Nodding she smiles before turning to leave, "I should get going."

"Aren't you staying for dinner?"

"Well I hadn't really planned on it..."

"Please do, we'd love to have you and it would give you and the girls a chance to meet the pack together."

Thinking, she nods "You're right that would probably be best."

"Good, then it's all settled. Dinner should be ready in ten minutes, give or take." Leaving the three I walk to the dining room, just cause I can't cook doesn't mean I can't help set up. I know some would think it strange that the Alpha sets tables but I believe in leading through example.


Dinner went by quickly. Everyone seemed happy with the two new members, a few even tried to convince Willow to stay though she politely declined. Saying her duties prevented it.

After dinner, Willow had bid everyone goodbye and after many hugs, kisses and a few tears she left. Bella and Racheal cried for an hour but finally started to come around and began playing with the other pups.

It was a quiet evening. The stars were twinkling brightly and the moon bathed the world in her soft glow. All to soon the peace was destroyed by the ringing of my phone.


"Jenny I need you to escort me."

"Hello, Jenny how are you doing this fine evening? Oh just peachy keen, Ash! And you're self? I'm doing fine hey are you busy? A little, what do you need? I was wondering if you might be so kind as to escort me across your territory? Why I'd love too! However did you guess what I've been dreaming of my whole life?!"

"Ha ha ha, very funny. I wasn't talking about tonight."

"Well when were you talking about?"

"Tomorrow, around lunch."

"Fine, as long as it isn't another Alphas meeting."

"It isn't I promise."

"Okay, Same meeting place as before?"

"Sounds good."

So much for catching up with paperwork tomorrow, looks like most of my day has been planed out already.

"Alpha?" Looking up at me is Racheal with her big brown eyes.

"Call me Jenny. What's up puddin' cup?"

Smiling shyly, her head lulled to the side as a blush creeps up her cheeks. "Can we go with you tomorrow?"

"I'd love that sweetie, but you can't, not tomorrow."

Her bottom lip protruded a little as her brows lowered, " But why not? Willow always lets us go with her."

"I know, but tomorrow is just  not a good time. I promise I'll take you and Bella into town soon, and we'll all get ice cream how's that?"

Her face brightened considerably at the mention of the frozen treat. "Okay, if you promise."

"I promise." Smiling she skipped back to play with the others once again.

This is all new to me, I've never been a mother, aunt or sister, never had someone depend on, or look up to me. In fact being Alpha is the closest thing to it until now, but maybe this will work. Who knows I might like it after all.


You know what's stupid? Waking up day after day at the same time week after week. I mean at first it was good, helped me get places on time and so on but now it's just dumb.

I turn off my alarm before stretching. As I extend my arm I'm met with a soft, warm body pillow, the thing is I don't have a body pillow! Rolling over I find none other then both Racheal and Bella huddled together, sound asleep.

This ends here. I share my bed with no one, no exceptions. No matter how cute you are, no matter how peaceful you look, this is not going to... Well they might have had bad dreams, or they might be missing Willow. It would be mean of me to send them away if that's the case... No, stay strong. They can't stay, they can't. So it's settled then, good. It couldn't hurt to let them stay until they wake up on their own, could it? Man I'm so weak.

Sighing quietly, I slip out of bed and pick out my clothes before heading to the bathroom. A good forty-five minutes later I emerge once more, fully dressed and yet somehow still blurry eyed. It takes a few tries to get out without waking the girls but finally free, I head to the kitchen to beg for some coffee before heading to my office.

No sooner have I sat down, then a know comes from the door. After calling out for them to enter, the door slowly opens to reveal Phil. He looks tired and saddened, as he shuffles in head bowed in respect.



"May I talk to you, about something?"

"Of course, what's troubling you?"

"Well, as you know you put me on strict discipline. Well umm you see, during my time in the cells yesterday I uhh found my mate." As he says the last part he's lips spread into a soft smile and his cheeks seem to get a reddish color to them.

"Congratulations, Phil!"

"Thank you, Alpha."

"So when do I get to meet her?"

"Well you see that's the thing, I can't find her."


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