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     ~3rd P.O.V.~

     "Citizens of Chesterfield! As I'm sure you've heard of by now... Notch- your 'great and mighty' ruler- has been slain. 'But who could have done such a terrible thing?!', you may wonder. Well it was me of course. If any of you wish to keep your lives, homes, families... I suggest you listen closely. Bow down to me, Herobrine, and recognize me as your new ruler. Follow my orders, and do NOT defy me. If any of you choose to disobey... YoU DO noT WAnt tO See the COnseQuenCEs." The booming voice rings out, an evil smile spreading across the fallen heroes face.

     The crowd of terrified villagers burst into a mess of voices, ones of dismay, anger, fear, and the like. Small children cower behind their mothers as the small group shrinks back in fear. The man, known to all as Herobrine, floats calmly a few feet off the ground in front of them. His blank white eyes are his distinct feature, and one look into them can mentally scar a person for life. Although normal in appearance, besides his eyes of course, Herobrine at first glance seems harmless. But only a fool would truly believe this, for Herobrine is powerful beyond comprehension... Enough so to defeat the ruler of Minecraft, Notch. Once only a legend, a fairytale some may say, Herobrine was passed off as a fraud, only created to serve as the 'bad guy' in an old story. The story is so old in fact, it has been told for countless generations.

     One thousand years ago, the world of Acrion was a peaceful place, filled with joy and happiness. That is until a dark presence arose, sweeping across the land and wreaking havoc upon everything in its path. This 'darkness' was led by one being... By the name of Herobrine. No one knew where he came from, and what his reasoning was for their endless torture... All they knew was that Herobrine was purely evil. The entire world fell into disorder... Mobs constantly swarming the land, villages burnt to the ground, and the sun being blocked out by shadow. Only those who were frightened enough to follow Herobrine were spared. If he wanted, Herobrine even had the power to wipe out the entire planet. But in the time where there seemed to be no hope, six heroes emerged to lead the world back to what it once was,  and to seal away the darkness. The story goes on to tell how the six heroes, by the names of Mitch, Jerome, Lachlan, Vikk, Preston, and Rob, beat back Herobrine. It is said they possessed some sort of ability... Or powers that let them gain some advantage over Herobrine, and eventually defeat him. And throughout the story is tells their battle in detail, describing how they brought back peace once again. But the story ends on a bitter sweet note, the six heroes being turned to stone and scattered across the land as a sacrifice to save everyone else. It is also said a prophecy was written, although this had been lost over the years until it finally was erased from the story. Only few alive still remember its tellings.

     "Now then, what will it be...? I personally think the choice is quite obvious-"
     "WE WILL NEVER FOLLOW YOU!" A shriek interrupts.

     The crowd parts away from a single man, rather bulky with jet black hair that is tied back into a short ponytail, and a lumberjack beard. He stands firmly in place, staring bravely at Herobrine with a set jaw and fierce eyes. Herobrines eyes flash and he chuckles darkly, twirling his diamond pickaxe in his hand. Whilst chuckling, his voice drops drastically lower and he takes only a single step towards the man.


     Just like that a massive bolt of lightning is splitting from the sky, striking where the man stands. The villagers all cry out as the Lightning vanishes and all that remains in the mans place is a pile of ash.

     "Now as I was saying..." Herobrine resumes, his voice returning to normal, "Will you all follow me... Or suffer your friends fate?"

     The villagers remain silent, staring shocked at the pile of dust, soon blowing away in the breeze. But then, oh so slowly, an ancient old man steps forward from the crowd, a twisted branch serving as his cane. The man has a long white beard that almost touches the ground, bushy eye brows, and a bald head. He shambles forward, dressed in a simple golden robe.

     "Well?" Herobrine pursues, seems to challenge the elder to speak.

     The elder lifts his head high, narrowing his eyes at the menacing Herobrine, who taps his foot impatiently. The crippled old man then speaks out with a croaky voice, one with years of experience behind it.

"History shall repeat itself, a day many years away.
When good shall fall, and evil rise,
Times of anger, fear, dismay.

The six heroes of this time, have beaten back the dark.
But a sacrifice, each turned to stone,
Scattered, hidden, unmarked.

Though come the time, the need arise, Six stone souls shall stir.
One shall rise, and he must find,
His friends among the earth.

Down below, you shall find, under oceans blue.
A guarded structure, holding the one,
Who is nearest of you.

The next hero to free, is hidden amongst, trees that touch the sky.
Sealed away, behind cobblestone walls,
On the floor that opposites high.

The next to save, is a tricky one, hidden by walls of brick.
But beware chosen ones, for the man of no eyes,
Resides close with his pick.

The next one you'll find, sealed away in a tomb.
With no trees in sight,
Just dune upon dune.

And the last one to rise, shall be by far the most hard.
Hidden in the lost woods,
In a flower filled yard.

Six fallen heroes untied, shall seal away the force of dark.
By using unique powers,
Do NOT miss your mark.

For six powers combined, shall be strong enough to prevail,
But if only one misses the mark,
Turned back to stone, you shall fail."

Herobrine scoffs, seeming truly amused at the mans statement. "What is that supposed to be? Some kind of prophecy?" He laughs, although something seems to flash in his eyes, Something he has not felt for over one thousand years.

His laugh instantly halts, and he frowns, his eyes shimmering.

"sO be IT."


But meanwhile as the village burns, far away in the depths of a cave residing in a mountain, untouched by man for years... A faint white glow illuminates the darkness of the cave. And a dull cracking sound shatters the silence.


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