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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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CiCi's Pov

I woke up with Asia laying next to me watching television . I  looked at the time . It was 11:45 . Gah . I got up and opened the curtains to let some light into my room then I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I finished, I walked out of my bathroom brushing my hair .

"Is mom still here ?" I asked Asia, who was watching Catfish.

"Nah, She said for us to eat cereal because you slept in too late for her to make us breakfast, and she's working overtime so there's money for pizza for dinner" she said, pointing at the 20 on my dresser.

"Where's Mariah ?" I Asked, referring to my 4 year old little sister.

"Daycare . I told mom we'd watch her but she said she doesn't want us to have to stay in the house all day" she answered, never looking away from the TV . I  grabbed the remote and turned it off.

"Why'd you do that ?"  She semi-yelled at me . I chuckled.

"Time for breakfast" I  said, ignoring her and walking upstairs and to the kitchen. She stomped angrily behind me.

I grabbed 2 bowls and a box of Captain Crunch.

"Gimme frosted flakes" Asia demanded.

I glared at her and handed her the box of Frosted Flakes. then I went to the fridge and poured milk in our cereal.

"What are we doing today'  asked, inserting a spoonful of captain crunch into my mouth.

"We can watch TV, listen to music, wait for Carter to reply" She started until I cut her off

"Im pretty sure he's too busy to reply within a day Asia, I am not sitting in the house all day waiting for him to reply either"

"But what if he already replied, we haven't checked yet" she asked, smartly.

"We will wait until 2, if he hasn't replied by then you buy me starbucks. Deal ?" I asked.

"Deal" She smiled, putting her bowl in the sink and running back downstairs.

I put my bowl in the sink, and walked downstairs behind her, laughing to myself.

When I got downstairs, I  saw Asia unlocking my pro . I sat down beside her.

"Ci, I think you might just be buying me starbucks" she said, smiling at the laptop screen. I looked to see what he was talking about.



Carter's POV

I woke up this moring insanely happy today and I don't really know why. Maybe because it's Saturday ? Eh I dont know but I got up, and walked out of my room and into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth washed my face, then headed downstairs for breakfast.

When I got downstairs, i saw a note on the fridge,

Your sister and I are out shopping today, be back around 6.

                                               - Love Mom

I shrugged and opened up the fridge.


I  grabbed a frying pan, and put it on medium heat and placed 7 bacon strips in the pan.  I smiled at the sizzling noise. I love bacon. I  ran upstairs to grab my phone and then quickly back downstairs to flip the bacon. I started scrolling through my twitter feed. Nothing really interesting was happening today. But I think my bacon is ready. I grabbed a plate and placed 3 paper towels on it. I took the strips of bacon and laid them on the paper towels. I cracked an egg in the frying pan and scrambled it really quickly. I don't care about the bacon grease. When the egg was done, I got a plate and put it on the plate, followed by my strips of bacon. Then I turned the stove off and went to sit down with my breakfast. My phone signaled I had an email.

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