Any Awkwardness? Part 38

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This chapters intimacy is pretty tame compared to some I've read. (which really had me blushing). So this is about as intimate as it will ever get. So enjoy it while you can. I don't know when I will ever write one again. I'm still blushing through it just thinking about it.

16th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

Feeling the hand slowly running down my side from my shoulder to my thigh in a gentle rhythm slowly brought me out of my dreams and into the present reminding me that I wasn't alone.

" Good morning." I heard Reid murmur to me in a very quiet whisper behind me, feeling his breath against my naked shoulder with each word he spoke caused me to lightly shiver as he continued to run his hand along the naked length of me.

" Mmm." Was all I could say as I began to stretch out all my limbs from the curled position I had been in while being flushed up against Reid's naked body for the last few hours I think.

I slowly straightened my legs, detangling them from his as well as lifting my arms above my head and with an arch of my back I began to roll onto my back. I stretched out as far as I could which left my position completely opened for Reid to both have an intense look at as well as run his firm and caloused hand gently over various parts of my exposed anatomy.

Mainly my boobs and waistine and what is below. Which caused me to feel lots of tingles to slowly explode from deep within me which caused me to slowly open my eyes and lazily look up at him as he leaned over me looking down at me with a lazy smile on his face.

Once he saw that I was focused on him, he lowered his face to gently lay his lips against mine as he watched my face get closer to his. Of course, I was watching as his lips got closer and closer to mine and at the last minute I lifted my own up to meet his.

The moment our mouths made contact, I lifted my eyes to Reid's and after a few moments of gently moving our lips against each others, I slowly lifted my arms which had been laying above my head and brought them forward to rest one over the back of Reid's shoulder and the other lightly against his cheek.

Then I began to press my lips a little harder against his along, gently opening them to allow him access to the inner depths where his tongue quickly entered to begin wrestling with mine for dominance. My eyes which had been staring into his while this was happening, began to slowly close which allowed me to focus on what I was feeling with each stroke of his tongue and that of his hand.

I don't know when it happened that my legs were wrapped tightly around his hips pulling him closer and closer to be a part of me with each movement of his steel hard body as it strained above me.

It could have been minutes and it could have been hours before we found ourselves panting for air as Reid struggled to hold himself above me trying not to squash me with his weight. Which I have to say is quite a bit heavier than mine.

I could still feel his body hot and sweaty body shudder above mine after that last explosive moment we both shared together. I know from the feelings I was aware of that I was still shuddering with each move he was still making above and inside me.

" I love you, Girl. I always have." I heard him whisper the words to me between each panting breath he was trying to suck into his starving lungs.

I wasn't much better either with my panting. I wonder what my own personal doctor will think of this particular exercise I have undertaken since last night.

"I thought it was all a dream. Last night that is." I whispered back to him as I felt him begin to slowly slide his body off and away from me dragging me with one of his arms so that once he was settled, I was practically draped all over him. Which I was.

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