Seeing Double Chapter 32

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"Your parents... are.." He trailed off, starring at me in disbelief. 

My eyes widened as I bit my tongue. How did it came out? Shoot, now he knows... 

"Iris, are your parents really dead? I hope you're not lying" He spoke, in a voice that told me he was believing half of what I just said. 

My mind was in a turmoil. Should I just tell him? He's a good friend, probably best. But what if he got scared and goes away? What if he thinks I'm those kind of creepy people who killed my own parents? Or what if he thinks I'm just into money?

"They are...dead"  I mummbled out, hardly audible. 

I anticipated that look and line again. The one filled with pity, sucks-to-be-you, trying hard to give comfort and the one that just says it for fun. I starred hard into his eyes, just waiting for that same old look everyone gave me. The look I despised the most. 

His brown eyes hardened for a second, before he closed them, letting a long sigh out. He signalled me to take a seat on the old wooden bench. I laid my ass on it, suddenly feeling the awkwardness. 

"I know how you feel, Iris." were the first few words he spoke, finally breaking the awkward silence. His voice felt weird for a moment, it felt choked up and almost forced. Weirdly, it sounded really attractive. I blinked and then absorbed the words he said. 

"Yeah, I know Arnold it's ok-" 

"No Iris, it's not okay and you know that" He snapped at me. I sat there, taken aback by the sudden change of mood, I couldn't find anything to say to him. 

He sighed. "I'm...sorry. I didn't mean it. I know the feeling, when you have to tell someone to that you're okay just for the sake of it. I hated it." He spat out. "I know you're not at the point of telling someone they passed on, but you've got to tell somebody. You have to let it out somehow, bottling it up inside, will get you nowhere. In fact, it makes things worse. You need to let it out, Iris." 

As he ended his speech, I felt tears tugging at my eyes, welling up and I had the urge to cry. Hot streams of tears trickled down as Arnold brought my head to his chest. I sobbed loudly, for the first time ever I felt that pained feeling leaving me. I trembled, crying always made me feel vulnerable and weak. Why is it always me? The weak one, the one that has to face this kind of miships. Why? 

Two arms held me tight as I snuggled into his embrace, tears flowing non-stop. I didn't know how long we've been there, Arnold giving me the warmth and me snuggled up to him, cause everything was a big blur and nothing really made sense anymore as I woke up in bed. 

His familar warmth now gone but replaced by the toasty sheets. I crawled out from undernearth the warm goodness and unto the cold floor, but I tripped and fell butt flat on something. I don't remember putting anything on my floor. A low groan escaped from underneath me. I jumped off immediately, Arnold was on the floor looking like some squashed bug. If he was groanning and writhing in pain, I would have laughed. But I did anyway. 

"What... the hell ... are you... doing... here?" I asked between laughs as he sat up slowly, complaining about me being too heavy, I should go on a diet and how I nearly killed him. Well, I continued laughing. 

"You can stop laughing now" He grunted. 

"No way! That was hilarious!" 

"Oh ha ha." He muttered sarcastically. "Most girls would have hit, slap, whack, whatever me. Apparently you're not like most girls. Maybe you're a guy" He commented, with a smirk. 


"Ow! What the hell, Iris!" He half-shouted at me. I shrugged at him. 

"You said 'most girls would have whatever' so I'm just being like most girls" I mimiced, grinning at him. 

"I think, me sleeping on the cold, hard floor the whole night without disturbing your highness would be good enough." He smirked, which earned a pillow that collided with his face. His face was a mixture of shock and amusement as he quickly recomposed himself and jumped on my bed with that evil look on his face. 

"Oh, you're dead" 

I let out a muffled scream of surprise as he hurled pillows and the other stuff animals I had at me. Then he was at my sides, tickling them as I thrashed around, laughing and squirming. I always have this mindset that tickling was like rape, but you're forced to laugh. I squashed a pillow into his face as a distraction and wiggled out of the sheets for safety. 

I sighed in relief and then turned around, just in time for a toy puppy to land straight for my face. I stumbled a few steps before falling on the floor, then his laughter filled the room. 

"You've just got owned!" He said, still rolling and laughing on my bed. 

"Shut up, at least I didn't look like a squashed bug" I retorted, standing up from the cold hard floor. 

A pillow was thrown but was caught in time, I turn to give him a murderous glare but he seemed oblivious and was trying all he could to hold back his laughter. 

"Laugh one more time and i swear you're gonna regret it" I warned. 

He fell back on the bed, face turning red. Then, he exploded. 

"You so could have fallen back again!" 

"Shut up! I would not!" I argued. 

"Would too" He smiled.

"Would not!" I retorted. 

Then he climbed out of the bed, shoving one last pillow at me which I barely stopped it from hitting me in the face. I narrowed my eyes at him. That sneaky little. 

"What? I couldn't help myself" He shrugged. "Time to get up and go school, Iris!" He chriped.

"What? It's not even seven." I whined. It's like three in the morning, who goes to school at three in the morning? Not me. 

"Nope! It's a quarter to eight already" He pointed to the big clock mauled at the top of my bed. Oh shoot. The clock seemed to be ticking even more furiously. I haven't bathe, comb my hair, I'm not even dressed properly. I can't make it to school without being late!

"Can we... skip school today?" I looked up at Arnold hopefully. Yup, that'd be the second time that week, but who cares? I ain't going school late, it'll ruin my clean reputation.

"Well.." He trailed off as I smiled, hoping he'll say yes.

"Nope!" He grinned and I groanned, falling back onto my bed. 

"Then make me!" I said, crossing my arms. What can he do now, hmm?


"I hate you so much" I growled as we reached school.

"No you don't" Arnold cooed, patting me on my head.

"Get out of the car kids! You better make me dinner tonight ris! And if you're dating, you've got to seek my permission before you hav-" I cut dylan off.

"Dylan! We're going!" I said, in faking digust. Well, I am. But, yeah okay, I am.

I sighed, looking at the intimidating school building. Another long day. I felt a shoulder slung around me, I turned to see Arnold smiling warmly at me. At least, there's someone here with me.


And I'm done! Woohoo for new chapter! Sorry I'm a little late:b I had camp:))))) and I fell sick right after it too. -.- well, camp wasn't that bad. But I missed one day of school:( and yes I'm a good kid. Psssssh! Yeah right! I just won't see the people I love for three days:( how sad is that! anyway. test results came out and I think i did not bad. But, there's always that chance I failed english.-.- I don't know how too.


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