45. Bali

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Sorry for the delay everyone. Merry Christmas.

"You do realise you spent 20 minutes haggling for 80 cents, don't you?"  Jay chuckled and my victorious smile slipped from my lips.

"Really?  And you let me?  Again?"  I snorted.

"Yep.  It was fun."

"You've been saying that for the past few days Jay."

He shrugged and reached for my hand bringing it up to his mouth and brushing his lips across my knuckles.

"What can I say?  You're cute when you haggle."

We spent time at the beach, but mostly we swam in the pool at the hotel. The atmosphere was constantly cranked up to party mode and while Jay and I joined in the craziness, we eventually snuck away to spend time alone.

"I don't want to go home." I admitted as I lay panting against his chest. "I can't stand the thought of being alone again."

"I'm not too crazy about it either babe." He murmured as his hand rested against my back. "How would you feel about moving to Perth? To Fremantle." He clarified.

I raised my head and searched his face for signs of teasing. "Really?"

"Really. I'm not sure that weekends would be enough anymore Mia. Fuck, they weren't enough before, it'll be so much harder now. You know, blue balls and all that....." He laughed.

"You just want me for the sex." I pouted and his eyes grew dark and serious.

"I definitely want that Mia, but I also want you barefoot in my kitchen, naked in my pool, comfortable on my couch...I want you to make my house our home."

"Well shit, haven't you grown up to be expressive?" I teased as I leant up to kiss him.

"I'm serious Mia."

"I know Jay, you never say anything unless you mean it." I rested my head back on his chest and let myself entertain the thought.

"I could put in for a transfer." I thought out loud.

"Do it."

"You really want this Jay?" I asked as my fingers brushed over his chest. "It's a big step."

He rolled us over until he was hovering over me.

"I really want this Mia. It's a bigger step for you than me though, so you need to be sure this is what you want. That I'm what you want."

I looked into his eyes, his hopeful expression also clouded with doubt.

"I am sure Jay. I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I need to be with you, it's where I belong. Simple."

I gasped as he wedged my legs apart and entered me in one swift motion.

"And this is where I belong." He grunted against my ear. "Balls deep in your tight little cunt Mia, feeling how fucking tight you grip me. Waiting for you to squeeze my cock before you lose it all and cum for me."

He held my hands beside my head as he thrust hard and deep.

"Give me my fucking reward babe, empty your fucking tasty juice all over my cock."

Jesus, his words alone were enough to bring me to the edge, but the way he was fucking me, hard and fast, was enough to push me over. He growled low in his throat as I cried out my release, his name leaving my mouth on a soft moan.

"That's it baby girl." He grunted as his cock quivered inside me, his warm bursts evident by the pulsing of his hot, hard cock and the tensing of his body.

"Fuck Mia." He panted against my ear. "Every time you're so fucking perfect."

He slowly withdrew and pulled me to lay against him, my hand resting against his heart which was beating as hard as mine.

His hand reached up and tangled in my hair, raising my face to his. "Get a transfer or quit Mia. I don't fucking care which, I just need you with me."

His lips met mine and our tongues tangled until we had to pull away to breathe.

He'd made a decision and for the rest of the night, he made sure that I would agree with it.

As we lay in each others arms, watching the sun rising through the open curtains, Jay held me tight, his lips brushing my forehead.

"I love you Mia, I want you with me. I need you."

There was no doubt in my mind that I would give him what he wanted. It was exactly what I wanted. What I needed.

"I love you too Jay." I whispered as my eyes closed and I fell asleep, my body resting against his.

I woke to his hand rubbing my side, his thumb brushing the outside of my breast, my nipple puckering in response.

His hand continued down until it brushed my outer thigh which he gripped and dragged over his legs.  He reached around and I instantly felt his fingers stroking my already moist lips.

"I love your pussy."  He said quietly before I had even opened my eyes.  "I love how one stroke of my fingers gets you wet and ready, how easily I can slide my fingers inside you."  He continued as he did just that.  "How fucking eagerly your cunt accepts me."

My finger nails dug into his chest as he pumped his fingers inside me.  He hissed through his teeth and I knew it was in pleasure, not pain.

He removed his fingers and gripped my waist, pulling me on top of his body, his cock throbbing against my belly.

"Open those sexy legs and slide over me babe." He held me steady as I lowered onto him, his hands guiding my pace before reaching up to tweak my nipples.

"Oh god." I moaned as he gave me the perfect mix between pleasure and pain.

"That's it Mia, let me hear that sexy voice." He encouraged as he drew a nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue before taking the bud between his teeth.

I arched my back as my nails dug into his thighs, his teeth clamping down harder until my body was quivering with delight.

His tongue soothed me before he moved his mouth to the flesh of my breast and sucked on it. I knew what he was doing and smiled at the knowledge that he was marking me as his own.

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