"Well, my cousin bailed me out," He says, smiling.

I smile back, grateful for having a friend like him.

"What are we gonna do now?" Anaya asks, frowning.

"We're gonna inform the police," Ayyan and Ahmed say in unison and then chuckle.

"The first time it was him who kidnapped you but he wanted to use me for the second time and I was gonna kidnap you but of course I was gonna keep you safe and I was scared to inform the police at the time because he would kill you guys. I couldn't tell you guys at the time I got caught because Qazim was there at the time. I still wasn't allowed to tell you guys but I had to be careful so I choose a place which is safe. Like this secret location," Ayyan says, in one breath.

Suddenly, we hear gunshots outside and we all stand up, alert.

Ayyan pulls Anaya behind him and Ahmed pulls me behind him.

What's going on?

After a few gunshots, the door opens and Qazim brusts in with a gun.

"I knew it. I knew you were gonna tell them everything and so I followed you here," He smirks, looking at me.

I try to stand still but my legs become wobbly and my hands shake. Ahmed holds me by my waist which prevents me from falling. My heart beating hard in my chest.

"W-why did you want to kidnap me. What do you want from me?" I ask, my voice cracking.

"Hmm, what I want from you? Let me think," He says and then pretends he's thinking. "I want you," He adds, smirking.

I look at Anaya, which looks terrified too.

"Shut up," Ahmed yells, making Qazim flinch a bit.

"Ahmed, calm down, it's not the right time to yell, we don't have to make him angrier. It will make the situation even worse," I whisper.

"Who are you? To tell me to shut up? Oh yeah, I forgot. You're the lover, the hero who stole my princess. I don't know what she sees in you. I look way better than you," He gives a evil smile and evil glint in his eyes.

Ayyan and Ahmed communicate with each other using their eyes.

I raise my eye brow at Anaya, confused and she shrugs indicating she doesn't know what's going on either.

Ahmed's POV

Me and Ayyan make a plan. Ayyan walks forward and falls on his knees in front of Qazim. Anaya gasps.

"I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I have made a huge mistake revealing your secret. You can punish me for it but please leave them," He begs.

"What the hell is he doing?" Ayesha whispers, with widened eyes.

"Oh really?" He smirks.

I hand my phone to Ayesha and mouth 'police' I walk in front of her so she's hidden behind me.

"Yes, you can take us beat us up, whatever you want," I say. Ayesha hands me the emergency 'pepper spray' I gave her for after she got kidnapped.

I run forward which alerts him and he raises his gun but I'm faster and quickly spray it in his eyes

"Ahhh," He yells in pain, stumbling back and I take the chance and immediately grab the gun from his hands.

"Now don't move from your place or I'll shoot you," I say, pointing the gun towards him.

I turn towards Ayesha and she calls the police as soon as she looks at me. I grab him by his neck.

"Last wish before dying?" I smirk.

"I'll kill you before I die, hero. If I can't have Ayesha neither can you!" He yells, being the bossy guy he is.

"Oh, well too bad. I already have her," I fake a sad face.

Soon, we hear the police sirens and I step back. The officer comes in and I explain him the situation. The officer hand cuffs Qazim and drags him out.

"I won't leave you guys, I won't!" He yells.

"You will have to visit the police station too," The officer says before leaving and I nod.

"O.M.G, that was so scary and it felt like I was in a movie" Anaya exclaims.

"Nicely handled," I high five Ayyan.

"You really did act like a hero," Ayyan says, grinning and I laugh.

"Guys, let's go home now, its getting dark," I say, tired.

Ayesha hands me back my phone. A permanent smile on her face. I raise my eye brows indicating 'why are you smiling?' and she whispers,"Let's sit in the car then I'll tell you," I nod.

"I have my car so I'll take Anaya," Ayyan says.

"Of course. You guys need some alone time," Ayesha wink and they both blush.

I sit inside the car and Ayesha joins. I start driving.

" 'I already have her' hmm?" Ayesha smirks. I feel myself getting hot.

I'm probably blushing.

Why do I have to make myself look an idiot. I get the urge to groan.

"You already are one," She teases, sticking her tongue out.

Did I say that out loud? Oh god
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