Chapter 23

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Ayesha's POV

"Who else is left?" I ask.

"Anaya," He replies.

"What? Why did you call her?" I frown.

"Um, you'll get to know," He says, looking everywhere but me.

I am about to say something but Ahmed squeezes my hand and gives a reassuring smile. I smile back.

After waiting for a couple minutes, I get impatient.

What does he want to say?

Anaya rushes inside and immediately hugs Ayyan.

"Ahemmm," I clear my throat to grab their attention.

Anaya immediately pulls back, her face bright red.

"You" She asks, confused.

I'm guessing Ayyan didn't tell her.

"Yeah, I called them. I wanted to tell you all about this together," Ayyan says. Anaya nods and sits next to me.

"So, Anaya...I'm sorry for lying but all this time.." Ayyan looks at him, impatiently. "I was in jail.." He says, looking down.

Anaya gasps.

"I-in the jail. Why?" The last part comes out as a whisper.

"He's the person who kidnapped Ayesha," Ahmed joins.

"What?! No, he can't do that!" She exclaims.

"Anaya...we caught him. H-he was trying to kidnap me outside the café," I tell her, not believing it either.

"No Ayesha! You can't say this, you know him. T-theres must be another reason-" She chokes and I rub her back.

I look at Ayyan and my heart aches at his painful look.

Deep down I still have the feeling it isn't true.

There is silence while I console Anaya, when Ayyan finally talks.

"Guys...Qazim.." We turn our heads to look at him, telling him to continue.

"He told me to kidnap Ayesha."

"What?!" We say, shocked.

"That guy sure seemed suspicious," Ahmed says, folding his arms.

"I told you Ayyan wouldn't do it," Anaya smiles, proudly.

She looks at Ayyan and smiles warmly, which he returns.

"But why would he?" I frown.

It was Qazim all along... And I doubted.. Ayyan...

"I don't know for sure but...he said that if I don't kidnap you he will kill Anaya and then you," Ayyan says and I gasp.

I didn't know Qazim was capable of such a thing.

"I-I'm sorry Ayyan. You were trying to protect us and I- I didn't trust you," I choke out, tears start to form in my eyes. I feel someone rub my back to comfort me.

"Hey! It's okay I understand," He smiles.

"Still I should've trusted you. I've known you for so long," I look down, disappointed at myself, tears rolling down my face.

"Its okay, don't feel bad now. I'll still be your brother," He winks and I laugh, wiping my tears.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. I..." Ahmed runs out of words.

"Its okay, man. Don't embarrass me now," He replies, smiling and I smile back.

"How did you get out?" I ask.

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