The first night

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A mellow tune blasts from Ty's bathroom. It's quite pleasant and free flowing, just like he wishes.

The first night he tried it, he went bonkers. But it was not drugs. It was his mind.
He danced in his room, broke free of it and ran away for two days straight.
Ty wanted to escape the town. And so he did.
One step at a time.

The memorizing mix of autumn leaf, twigs and snow crunched behind his boots. His dark, ash brown hair pilled up little snow flakes as he ran. As fast as his legs could, he ran, right into the sanctuary. The forest.
Something caught his breath . It was a ghost. Ty stopped right in his tracks. To the rest of the world, ghosts don't seem to exist, but in Ty's world, anything could. But he couldn't imagine it what he could control, anything appears as it pleases, whenever it wants. And so this was the ghosts time. The translucent, white creature glided through the snow and wind. It stopped behind some trees, seven feet away from Ty. Ty's eyes were filled with rage as he ran to it, his boots sinking in further into the ground. The transparent silhouette stopped. And so did Ty.
The forest had a clearing. Like a circle. There was a bathtub in the middle of it. The spirit stopped at it. It seemed like the creature was peering over the bathtub, looking what's inside it.
Ty ran to it. He stopped dead in his tracks then he carefully walked toward it. One step at a time.
Ty's Grin reached up to his ears among seeing what was in the bath tub. He threw sticks and piles of snow and moss into the white ceramic bowl of a tub.
You may be wondering what was in the bath tub. It was Ty of course.
There was a boy inside it. His pale body sunk right down to the bottom of the tub. The boy had loose ash brown curls over his face and he had a smile on his face, despite the drowning. He even had a butterfly birthmark on his neck.
The boy was Ty.
All of a sudden the ghost starts shaking The boy in the bath tub.
Ty tried to grab the ghost or spirit by the cloak, urging it to stop shaking him, Ty, in the bath. The spirit wouldn't stop. Ty grabbed the spirits white cloak and opened it, hoping to see what was inside or who was shaking him uncontrollably. But the ghost would vanish and the white cloak would turn black and fall on the ground, life less.
And so it did.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TY", a voice snapped him out of his fantasy.

He could see his mums face, worried sick of him. But she wouldn't care if he died.
Ty took in his surroundings. Old marble walls, and his mums tired old face seeping with anxiety.
"I- I-I'm sorry Mom", he whisperd, shaking from the water.
His mum breathed a sigh of relief and walked out of the bathroom, just like that. She did not care about him anymore. In fact she never did.

Ty sat back up from the water. He was surrounded with twigs and dirt and snow inside the bath water he was hallucinating in. But the twigs and moss was from the forest that is a mile away. Was he really hallucinating?
He was drowning in his fantasy as the ghost would whisper in his ear.

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