A/N: The beautiful woman to the side --> is the plus size model Tara Lynn. I'm casting her as my Beauty. I am also dedicating this to all women, no matter their size because frankly, we are ALL damn sexy beasts :D


Emi Block was just about to head to bed when she received a phone call that would change her life. It wasn’t the lottery, a millionaire bachelor or even the man of her dreams; disappointingly enough it was her brother and he was calling from jail. To say that she was every kind of unimpressed with her brother would be an understatement, but Emerald ‘Emi’ Block knew better than to let the idiot stew in a holding cell overnight; her parents had all but beaten into their heads as children that family is there for each other no matter what. With that little tidbit in mind, Emi had gotten up and gone to the police station with enough cash to bail the endearing idiot out, changing out of her comfortable pajamas into something more appropriate.

Hiding in what should have been an oversized sweater, Emi ran from her beat up truck to the inside of the station, wanting to avoid the cold February weather as much as possible. She had to yank the back of her jeans back up, grumbling to herself over how she should have grabbed a belt because there is nothing more embarrassing than having your pasty spare tire spill over the top of your pants because they’re making a break for freedom. Trying in vain to keep the embarrassed hue off of her cheeks, Emi rushed inside and started the long, boring and invasive paperwork involved in bailing her drunken brother out of jail.

To add to the awesomeness that was her day thus far, Emerald got to hear from the police exactly what it was her brother had done to land himself in said position. She’d figured out from the slurred speech and incessant rambling that he was drunk, but she got to learn that while he was drunk, he’d lit the bar of a club called Cursed on fire and started a fist fight with the owner. She would have to speak with him tomorrow to encourage the man to not press charges against Hunter. Although her brother deserved to learn his lesson the hard way, Emerald knew that he had neither the time nor the money to handle a court case.  

Thankfully Emi was a big enough and strong enough girl to haul her brother’s drunken butt out of the drunk tank and back into her truck. She knew he had called her to avoid the wrath and scorn of her parents and reluctantly took him back to her place. No one in their family was surprised that the 26 year old Emi was far more independent and mature than her 29 year old brother. She had moved out of the house at eighteen and never moved back. He had moved out at 21 and came back as soon as he broke up with his long term girlfriend. After that it was like he reverted back to 18, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

“You’re more trouble than you’re worth.” Emerald grumbled as she started to haul her brother from the truck to her condo. Of course, six steps away from her bathroom, Hunter decides that now he’s feeling sick and promptly throws up all over himself, his sister and the hallway.

Emerald dropped him in front of the toilet to finish his emergency evacuation, trying not to laugh too hard at his tears of misery as his body started to exact some revenge. If this had only been the first time he’d gotten drunk, gotten into trouble and then thrown up on her… Emerald remarked on how tragic it was that she had now gotten used to this kind of behavior and no longer gagged like a virgin giving a blow job as she cleaned up the hallway. Her brother was thrown in the shower the moment he stopped dry heaving, clothing still on as she started the water and soaked him. He was still too drunk and now too miserable to really pay attention but she hosed off the worst of the filth and then stripped him down to his boxers. Leaving her brother, a towel and a change of clean sweats in the spare room, Emi left him to pass out and took her second shower of the day. Climbing into bed nearly two hours later than she’d expected to, Emi could only hope that tomorrow would be a less exciting day.

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