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"I would seriously advise you against doing something so incredibly stupid, but that's not my problem."

Stiles scoffed, "Collins, I know what I'm doing."

"And what you're doing is stupid." I retorted.

My brother opened his mouth for reply, but we were cut off by another voice. Our dad's.

"Don't you two have school to get to?" he gestured between us.

I checked the time on my watch, 7:34, school started at 8:00 sharp.

I shrugged, "We've got time."

I was sprawled out on my twin's bed as he sat as his desk doing something rather stupid. I don't really feel like going into full detail.

Dad narrowed his eyes, "Get to school, now."

Stiles shut his laptop and we both grabbed our backpacks before pushing past our dad.

"You know it's your fault." I blurted.

Stiles furrowed his eyebrows as we climbed into his Jeep, "What is?"

"Why Dad is always in such a bad mood."

He rolled his eyes, "Dad is in a bad mood because of his job, not because of me."

All I did was give him the "knowing" look.

"Okay, its partially because of me, but it's mainly because he's a sheriff." he responded as he drove off down our road.

"You really don't remember anything?"

Lydia hugged her body and looked over at Allison, "They call it a fuse state which is basically what I'm saying 'We have no idea why you can't remember running through the woods naked for two days.' But personally, I don't care. I lost nine pounds."

Lydia smirked at Allison and I.

"Are you ready for this?" Allison asked with a concerned smile.

Lydia pursed her lips, "Please, it's not like my aunts a serial killer."

Ouch. Low blow to Allison.

Lydia pulled the door to the school open, leaving Allison in shock. I grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the daze and drug her through the open door with me. When the three of us entered the building everyone stopped and stared at Lydia. Literally everyone.

Allison and I tried to play it cool while Lydia looked around the hall, noticing each person staring at her. I decided it would make Lydia feel a little better if I joked around.

"Maybe it's the nine pounds." I whispered to Lydia.

Lydia almost immediately put on a brave face and flipped her hair before strutting off down the hall.

There's the Lydia I know.

I high fived Allison, "She's back and better tha-"

"What's wrong?" Allison asked, slightly panicked at my sudden pause, "Collins, what's wrong?"

"I smell something." I whispered.

She took my hand and led me off into a secluded corner, "What did you smell?"

"Another one, a-another werewolf." I stuttered.

Could there really be another one?

I could hear Allison's heartbeat begin to race, "M-Maybe it's just Scott. A-Are you sure it's not Scott?"

"Allison. It's not Scott, as a werewolf, I should know what a member of my pack smells like." my hand found it's way around Allison's wrist.

She pushed her free hand through her hair, "Do you think Scott knows?"

I closed my eyes and listened for Scott. His climbing heart rate found its way to my ears.

"He knows, but he doesn't know who."

The second I found Scott in the hallway, I ran right up to him. As I approached him, he obviously saw the look of worry on my face.

"You smelled it too." he breathed out.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone else come up, "Oh hey, Collins."

"Not now, Stiles." I pushed my brother away by shoving my hand in his face.

I let out a shaky breath as I drug Scott out of earshot of most people.

"Do you know who it is?" I asked.

He nodded, "Isaac Lahey."

"The kid who works at the cemetery?" I furrowed my eyebrows, "Who turned him?"

"Who do you think? Derek." Scott rolled his eyes.

I glared at him, "Well, where is he. I'd like to talk to him."

"We can't. Dad took him into the station, they think he murdered his dad." Stiles interjected.

I choked on my breath, "What?"


I pulled on the fabric of my jacket, "W-What about the full moon? They can keep him overnight. He's gonna kill someone."

Scott nodded, he already thought of all of what was going through my brain.

"That's why we need to find Derek and formulate a plan."

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