Chapter 30: The Interviews Preparation (2)

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I wake up and it's early in evening

"Good morning Clover" I see Cato in the corner of my new clean hospital room.

"Deja vu" I say and we giggle together. I remember the first time in a hospital from that incident.

"Are you okay, Again?" he says trying to be serious.

"Yeah what happened?" I ask giving him a huge kiss. He smiles and pulls me closer, if humanly possible.

"You fainted when we got in the hover craft. The doctor says it was from excitement" he states. I get out of my fresh clean bed and change from the hospital gown to my normal clothes. I'm used to Cato seeing me change. We changed together in Capitol before the Games and during the game on multiple occasions when we had to get to skin. Like the tracker-jacker incident.

"Let's go home" I say.

"We can't, the interviews are tonight. Then tomorrow is the meeting with Snow" he says leading me out of hospital.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"To the Remake Center for the Victor's Interviews" he replies.

We arrive and they clean me off. I get to see Steph, Sabille and what's his name. I never barely talked to him so I don't remember.

"How my little Hunger Games gold warrior Victor" Steph asks as she applies a rub to my cut on my hand. I forgot about that. Now it's just a scar and it doesn't hurt.

"Please don't call me that, it's too long" I say jokingly.

"Fine. But seriously how are you doing?" she persistently says.

"I'm great because me and Cato are engaged and we made it out together" I reply.

"You're what?" she asks, stopping to look at me. "Seriously? Congratulations!".

"Yeah, he proposed before the Games and promised we would get out together" I reply. "We're gonna wait until I'm a little older to actually get married, though".

We continue with my make-over and I get to see my Interview dress. It's gold again. It is very similar to the one at the Tribute Parade but they turned it into a gown. It still has the breast plate and armor.

"I hope you like it. We're going for ancient goddess, something like that at least." Steph explains "And I want to ask you something."

"What? You can ask me anything." I reply. She fixes my outfit and sighs.

"Well can I design your wedding dress?" Steph asks shyly, looking away. I can tell she's trying to be casual, but she's failing miserably.

"It would be my honor to wear a dress you designed" I reply. We hug for a long time and then I get changed. Sabille does my hair and nails while the guy (whose name I forgot) does the little make-up I need.

"Okay. I think you're ready" Sabille says.

"Thank you" I say sweetly.

"Now it's almost time. Go on. Cato should be outside waiting. You take longer than him. You have make-up, hair and nails he just has to put on the outfit and brush his hair." Steph says ushering me through the door.

"Hey, Cato" I say.

"Oh hey. We're going to be late. let's go." He says grabbing my arm and leading me through hallways and up some flights of stairs.

"Hi Katniss" I say as we meet them back stage.

"Ohh hey, you look great" she responds. We have become friends since the Games. Since I tried to kill her twice and she's tried to kill me too.

"And now welcome the four Victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games" Ceasar announces boldly. 

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