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After having the best moment, we both walked together to school in silence but with the noise of passing cars, disturbs the tranquility of our quietness. Jimin walks in front while I'm behind. 

I looked down at the floor, decided to play a game by myself to keep me away from the silence between me and Jimin. I played a game called 'Try not to step the cracks on the sidewalks'.  Right now is the best time to talk to Jimin but I know I just blew it away. I blew it away just like how the wind blew away my precious beanie. 

I brought my hand to forehead and facepalmed myself countless of times. This what I deserve for not having the confidence to talk to Jimin. Where did the talkative Jungkook go? 

Jimin moved his head, facing me, wondering where the hitting sounds coming from. When I noticed him looking at me, I stopped what I was doing and quickly put my hand behind my back. I gave him an embarrassed smile. 

"Is there something wrong?" Jimin asked, making me regret what I was doing. 

"Eh... I was just... uh" I scratched the back of my head thinking of a good reason to answer.

"I was.... Having a brain freeze. Yes, brain freeze!" I chuckled nervously, hitting my head again, pretending to have one but hitting it slowly this time. He stopped walking, making me stop too. He stared at me and gave me a confused look. Sweat was already forming on my forehead, making me wanna run away from Jimin because of this huge embarrassment. 

"Doesn't brain freeze happen when you drink cold drinks on a hot day?" Jimin questioned, tilting his head. May I rest in peace from embarrassment. It's the second time I embarrass myself, in front of him. I thought today was going to be fine since it is Christmas but no! It turns out to be an embarrassing Christmas! 

"Oh, yeah. You can only get a brain freeze when you drink something cold. Hehe, how dumb am I," I laughed awkwardly making him chuckle too.  

"You're cute" He smiled. 

I stopped laughing and stared at him with wide eyes, not moving a muscle. As if I was frozen from the cold icy weather or as if the only way to make me move is by doing the'act of true love'.

(Note: Frozen. The movie)

Did he just called me cute! The guy who I had a crush on for so many years! 

I was right all the time. I am cute, not handsome. Now that I know I am cute (according to Jimin), I should start acting cute from now and on.

Jimin waved his hands in front of me making me go back to reality from daydreaming. I shook my head and stared at Jimin with a clueless face as he gave me a worried look but soon relaxed a bit. 

"Phew," Jimin exhaled. 

"What happened?"

"I thought you were frozen from the cold winter weather. So I was about to give you a body hug to warm you up but it seems like you are okay." Jimin explained. I stomped my feet anxiously in my head. 

Why did I move! I should have stayed still for while. I want another hug! Maybe if I pretend being frozen again, he will hug me. 

Nah, I doubt that will happen.

Or maybe if I pretend to shiver in the coldness,  he will give me body heat. Yea, I think that should work.

"Brrrr" I shivered, rubbing both of my arms, pretending to feel cold.

"Isn't it very cold today?," I looked at Jimin and he gave me a dull look. 

"I'm not dumb ya know. I know you really want to have one of my hugs, I can see it in your eyes," Damn it. How smart can he be? And how can he see it in my eyes?

I looked down, fidgeting a stick on the floor using my feet. I can feel the redness on my cheeks, feeling really embarrassing about every single thing I did. I can feel the stare Jimin is giving me. It gave me the shivers. First time Jimin, gave me a stare like this. Every time he looks at me at school, he only gives me a quick glance before walking to his next class. That is the only time I can only see Jimin. So I see him rarely.

I heard footsteps coming closer to me and the next minute I know. Jimin is giving me a hug once again.

"One last hug and we have to start walking to school or else, we are going to be late for our own classes," He said making me nod in the hug. 

Jimin lets go of the hug. He smiled sweetly at me once again and patted my head. Instead of the world around me melting away, I, now begin to melt from that bright smile, he is showing me. 

"Shall we go now?" He said. 

I nodded and we began walking, showing a satisfied smile on my face. I skipped happily towards school while Jimin chuckling at my childishness from behind.

Reaching school, we both separate ways to go to our own friends. Oh, how I wish I was his friends so I can hang out with him all the time. 

But just before walking to my friends, Jimin came in front of me. 

"My name is Park Jimin by the way," He smiled. "What is yours?" 

"My name is Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook" I spoke in a low voice. My smile turned into a frown. It hurts my heart. 

It is really sad that the both of us had fun together as if we knew each other for some many years but then you know you just had fun together for one day especially when Jimin doesn't know my name. 

"Well Jungkook, it is a great pleasure to meet you and I hope we can meet again. " Jimin lends a hand to me and I shook it with a gentle shake. 

"See you around," I smiled sadly and waved at Jimin before going to my own friends. 

Well, at least he knows my name. 



~ Sophia

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