Chapter 27: A Talk and Turkey Dinner

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Nothing really happens the next few days. No threats or problems. Katniss and Peeta stay allies even though we're the only four left.

"Wonder what's coming next." Katniss says.

"Maybe we just live here until next year" I say jokingly.

"No it's something big. The Capitol won't leave us alone unless they have a plan" She responds tightly.

"Well we'll cross that bridge  we come to it. We all have a little bit of Brains and certainly some brawn" Peeta adds.

"Since we're being friendly" Cato starts "I'm sorry I sliced your leg open and tried to kill Katniss. Twice."

"Well I'm sorry about Rue, She reminds me of me when I was little. I used to be so delicate but also strong willed. Well that's mother says" I say remembering home and family.

"My mom calls be stupid and hits me with bread sticks" Peeta says giggling.

We walk to the lake that Peeta showed us the first week and we have remembered it since. We collect some water and get some lunch to-go.

"Hey look some turkeys" I say preparing to throw. "if we all attack we could get one for each of us". Cato gets his sword out. Katniss gets her bow loaded and Peeta has a spare mace.

"On three" Cato whispers.

"1-2-3" He says. We all attack our meals viciously. One hit and my turkey's dead. I imagine little canons for them and Cato just stares. Pew Pew.

"What are you doing, Clover?" he asks.

"Oh, I was imagining little canons for the turkey. You know tribute canons, but for the turkeys." I say.

"Oh I get it" He says, smiling softly. We start a fire and take turns cooking our feathered friends. Mine was cooked just right. I keep the legs and a wing in my food bag for later.

We climb up one of the tallest trees and strap ourselves in. We talk about random stuff and out favorite colors, food...

"My favorite color is teal" Cato states.

"Mine is either lavender or emerald", I say. I now know that Katniss likes beef-stew and her favorite color is a forest green. Peeta's favorite food is cake and his favorite color is orange. Cato's favorite food is pot-pie and his color is teal.

We then go to bed and wait for tomorrow.

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