Chapter 25: Making New Friends

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We hear 2 canons and walk into the forest to see Fox-Face ate Night Lock. A very deadly fruit that looks a lot like blueberries.

"Well that takes care of her" Cato states.

"Now there's only us and Fire-Girl" I say.

"No, there's also Peeta" I hear Katniss say. I grab the closest knife slowly and turn around.

"What are you doing?" I ask, suspiciously.

"How is Peeta still alive?" Cato adds.

"I healed him with herbs" she responds with a look in her eye.

"How?" I ask plain and simple.

"My mom's a healer back in 12" she asks.

"Oh, mine is a career trainer" I respond.

We sit down at the base of a tree and she explains how she saved Peeta's leg with herbs and how she volunteered for her sister-Little Duck. Not really, her name is Primrose or just Prim.

"Ohh I volunteered for his sister," I chime.

"And I volunteered for her brother to protect her"

"How sweet" she responds. I can tell she's not a threat but I still don't know if she's still a problem.

We all climb the tree, strap our selves (and stuff) in and fall asleep. Katniss and Peeta are above us on the next set of branches,

I fall blissfully asleep on Cato's muscular chest.

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