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'I loved her, not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way, the sound of her name could silence my demons.' -Christopher Pointdexter.

How can someone so cold, make you feel so safe?

That's what Erica Dixon found herself asking when she came face to face with the man himself, Xavier Manhattan.

Mr Manhattan - the cold, distant and most eligible bachelor available. Some regard him as a monster. Others just pity him. Many don't understand why the man with everything seems to have so little.

Miss Dixon - the professional, warm-hearted and normal girl trying to provide for her family on the edges of Toronto. She has her reasons to dislike the Manhattans, but in the end will her heart rule over her head?

Let the sparks fly. Let the battle commence. Join us on the journey of the meeting of two shattered souls on the way to trying to locate their purpose in life. The bewildering plot twists, passionate romance and tragic heart breaks make for an exhilarating and unexpected adventure.

Author: ericawoham

Status: Completed

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