Chapter 2 ♥:

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I snapped out of my thoughts when I seen Leon open his locker.

"Where are we going..?" I asked him curiously.

"Can't tell ya that." He smirked as he placed his books in his locker.

I sighed. "Come on."

"Just wait!" He said, shutting his locker to reveal a girl on the other side. She smirked at Leon. Leon winced, then silently scoffed.

"Hey Leon~" She cooed. "Are you free?~" The girl asked.

Now, more that I looked at her, I recognize her from somewhere. Then, it hit me. She's that one pop chick. But what is she doing in a school like this?!

"N-Nope. Sorry Maizono I have my own plans today." He simply responded.

"Aww, come on.." The blue-haired girl whined. She then looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Tch. Who are you?" She gave me a piercing glare.

"I'm Y/N." I responded blankly. I honestly didn't want to start anything with this chick.

"Oh... Mm.. Whatever." She said, then focused back onto Leon with a flirtatious smile.

"Text me..~" She winked as she strutted away and out the school doors.

Leon nodded with a nervous smiled, then once she walked out he sighed heavily.

"The chick won't leave me alone!" He whisper yelled. "She's always following me, and it makes me uncomfortable. She think I like her just because I took her out once.. She threatened me if I didn't.." He sighed and shook his head. "Let's get back to the tour, shall we?" He smiled.

I nodded. "O-Okay." I smiled in return, as we both walked out the school. He led me to his car, which was so, freaking, HUGE! He drove a white pick up truck.

I looked up in awe. "W-Whoaa.." I said quietly. Leon must've heard, because he chuckled.

"I know, its big right?" He giggled.

'How cute... I... I mean yeah!' I thought, and nodded. "Y-Yeah!"

He walked over to my door, and opened it for me. "Here." He smiled.

"Thanks!" I smiled and climbed into his truck, as he shut my door. He climbed into the divers seat and started his truck as the engine let out a roar.

~ Timeskip brought to you by Asahina's gravity defying hair ~

Me and Leon stopped at this small cafe for donuts.

"I know a girl that goes to our school, and makes the best donuts ever! You have to try one." Leon smiled.

"Ooh! I love donuts!" I giggled as he held the door open for me. We both walked in. It smelled si good inside, like sweets and such. He walked up to the counter, leaning on it.

"Heyyy, Hina! Come out here I want you to meet someone!" Leon called with a grin as a voice echoed in response.

"Hold on Leon! I'll be right theeere!" The girl said cheerfully. Within a minute she walked out from the back area with a tray of assorted donuts. She had on a cute worker outfit with an apron, her brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, but it was like, gravity defying. She also had beautiful pale blue eyes, and a nice figure. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hello!" She greeted politely. "Welcome to my shop! My name is Aoi Asahina, but you can call me Hina for short!" The girl giggled.

"Hi!" I waved. "I'm Y/N L/N!" I greeted back.

Leon smiled. "Y/N is new at our school, and I think that she should meet new friends!"

Asahina nodded. "Oh yeah, I seen you around! Glad you're attending the school with us!" She set the tray of donuts in display. "What can I do for you today, Leon?" She asked as that smile seemed as if it was permanent.

"I just came to offer Y/N donuts. I know you make them the best, so I came here!" Leon nodded.

Asahina smiled. "Of course! What kinds?" She asked.

Leon grinned. "You know my usual!"

Asahina nodded and giggled. "Yep! And what can I get you, Y/N?" She asked me.

"Glazed please!" I replied with a smile as Leon looked at me surprisingly.

"Thats my favorite!" Leon chimed.

"Really? Cool!" I giggled.

Asahina nodded, handing me and Leon our donuts wrapped in wax paper.

"Thank you!" Me and Leon echoed, taking a booth next to the window. We both began to talk, eating the donuts as we shared stories together.

Sakaya's POV:

I watched the two talk and socialize for about half an hour. God, it pisses me off. Why does she have to steal my plans with Leon?

I'll show her...


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