Chapter 2

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~Clove's POV~

This has happened before, I'm used to it. 'Popular' kids always come to talk to me because they were dared to, not because they wanted to. I'm just Clove Kentwell, The Girl with the Knives, as everyone calls me. I don't have friends, not that I want any, and the 'populars' think it's a fun game to talk to 'The Girl with the Knives.'
I ran out of the training center, all the way to my house, but while I was on my way home, someone stopped me. It was Cato Hadley of all people.
"Clove, I'm sorry I didn't mean to make upset you," he said calmly. "I just wanted to talk to you."
Why would Cato want to talk to me?
"I wanted to talk to you because I thought-" he was cut of by the sound of a bell signaling that everyone needed to get ready for the reaping day.
I totally forgot it was Reaping Day.
I ran to my house to take a shower, change, and do my hair, leaving Cato in the dust.
When I got home I saw my younger sister Cathleene getting ready, she was only 12 years old which means it's her first Reaping Day. She was wearing a knee length light purple dress with a bow wrapped around her waist, she looked beautiful.
Cathleene and I didn't look anything alike. She had short blonde curly hair and big brown eyes. I had long straight brown hair with green eyes, Cathleene was tall but I'm short and she was always happy unlike me.
I expected her to run up and hug me, but she just stood there, staring at the wall.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"What if I get reaped, what will happen to me?" she asked with fright in her eyes.
"Cathleene," I said, "your name was put in there once, you can't be picked."
I knew what I said might not be true, but her and I both know what will happen if she is reaped.
I walked upstairs and took a quick shower, did my hair in a simple side fishtail, and put on a blue dress that came up a few inches above my knees. I was ready for the 74th annual Reaping.

A/N: I do NOT own these Hunger Games characters, just Cathleene. I know this chapter was short too, but I promise that the next one will be longer.

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