Chapter 3

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~Cato's POV~

That bell meant it was time to get ready for the 74th annual Reaping. I got ready fast and threw on a some khaki pants and a nice blue dress shirt.
I arrived at the square early, got signed in and went to stand with the 16 year olds. I waited for Clove to get there, I never got to tell her that I liked her, but I can tell ber after the Reaping, assuming that we aren't chosen.
When Clove finally arrived, she was with a little girl which I'm guessing was her sister. She looked beautiful, then I saw her walk over and stand with the 15 year olds. I'm almost positive I stared there for a few minutes staring at her before Sloan finally snapped me out of it.
"Welcome, welcome District 2 to the 74th annual Hunger Games Reaping!" the District 2 chauffeur exclaimed while clapping timidly. "And now, a few words from the capital!"
Man, she really was annoying with her capital accent. A video played about the rebellion, blah, blah, blah.
"And now, as always ladies first." she said walking over to bowl a filled with paper. "Clove Kentwell."
No, no, no, no, no. Clove can't go into the games. It's not that I don't think she won't win, I just don't want her to go.
I saw her slowly walk up to the stage, she had an emotionless look on her face, I could hear her sister crying. This cannot be happening, someone has to volunteer to for her. Then I remembered that no one liked her, no one but me, so I decided that I have into go into that arena with her.
"Wonderful, wonderful. Now for the men," she said. "Garren Weals."
"I volunteer as tribute!" I yelled.
"We have a volunteer, what is your name young man?" she asked.
"Cato Hadley," I said.
"Very well, very well! she exclaimed. "May I introduce to you, Clove Kentwell and Cato Hadley, this years tributes from District 2!"
No one said anything, they just held up the three finger salute will we were escorted into the justice building.
Only my older sister Stellia came to tell me goodbye and wish me luck, my parents were both commanders in District 2, so they weren't allowed to visit me.
"Cato, you are an amazing fighter and you know good survival skills," she said. "I know you will win, I love you, never forget that."
"I love you too," I said. "I'll try my hardest to win."
Even though Stellia was 19 years old, she acts much more mature for her age. I think that she wore off on me since she is pretty much is the one who takes care of me. All I can do is hope that Clove forgives me for what I did, I couldn't let her go into that arena alone. I couldn't live with myself if I watched her die when I knew I could've done something about it. I don't know that much about Clove, but I do know that I care about her, even if she doesn't feel the same about me.

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