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When morning came, Náriel felt in a mild state of confusion and peace. She was still confused over her uncle. Yet, she was at peace because she had slept so well. It was so quiet in her room. She didn't wish to move. Pushing herself up she looked around her room. Bright sunlight was spilling through the doors which led to a small balcony.

She didn't know how long she had slept in. But she found a new urgency to get up and move about. Standing up from the bed, she stretched her arms and yawned quietly. Putting her hands on her head she frowned. She never undone her braided hair last night. Reaching to the bottom of the braid she took to untying the woven hair. Naturally because of the tightness her hair now hung in thick curls. Pinning some back, she pulled out a clean dress, washed and slipped her shoes on and left her room.

Swinging her arms by her sides she walked down the corridor. Looking up at the tall ceiling as she went. Taking to playing with the navy coloured dress sleeves, Náriel sighed. She was at a loss. She didn't want to see her uncle. Looking from side to side she turned and made her way to the library. The book she borrowed was still in her room, untouched. Yet she liked the quiet atmosphere of the library. She was hoping being there would fill her with more peace and overrule the confused feeling which still lingered.

Smiling lightly, she picked up the skirt of her dress and ran forward. "Balin!" She called, he stopped and turned to look at her. A smile soon appeared on his face as she drew closer. He was seemingly strolling around on his own. "Good morning." Náriel smiled when she reached his side.

"Good morning, Princess." Balin replied in an equally happy tone. "What are you doing?" He gestured a hand to her while turning and commencing walking again.

"Nothing, to be exact." She fell into step beside him.

Balin let out a thoughtful noise, rubbing his chin in a thoughtful manner he looked to her. "Would you perhaps like to accompany me on a walk?"


Balin waved a hand at her. "Ah, that can be a surprise." He said while picking his pace up. Náriel watched him go before quickly walking to catch up to him. She wasn't one for surprises, but for curiosity's sake she'd follow him.

"Oh," she breathed when they had seemingly reached their destination. After many twists and turns of corridors and a few flights of stairs, they had soon reached the mines. "You have business down here?" She asked Balin while looking over everything. "This is...amazing," she said breathlessly. She had never seen such a sight before. Many lanterns twinkled in the dim surroundings. These same lanterns ran deep within the mountain. Great rivers of gold trickled down and through the stone walls. The shimmer of precious jewels set in stone reflected off of the lantern light. Naturally there were many Dwarves down here busy at work. Some were suspended on pulley systems mining away. "The Arkenstone was found here?" She asked after a few more moments of silent awe.

"Indeed, the heart of the Mountain was embedded within the walls." Balin answered.

Náriel nodded taking this information in. "Interesting." She commented quietly. They were both standing on a ledge, peering slowly over she raised an eyebrow at the sheer drop. Leaning back she put a hand on her stomach. "It must have been hard work trying to free it from the rock."

"Isn't trying to reach the heart of something always a task?"

Náriel smiled slowly. "Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's not." Balin shifted from foot to foot. "I can see where you were going, Balin." Náriel crossed her arms loosely. "Be out with whatever it is you wish to say." She smiled and looked to him.

"I don't think I've seen two people bond so quickly."

Náriel raised an eyebrow at his words. "Hm," she hummed. "It seems you are another to add to the list of people who've noticed, or bought this subject up." Balin looked at her confused. "My uncle." He frowned lightly upon hearing this yet didn't voice anything. "Is it so hard for people to accept that we are friends?"

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