It's Only Temporary

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She never meant to stay forever.

Just out of college, Penelope Stewart took a summer job as an office temp, with plans to go to med school in the fall. She thought she had her future all mapped out... until she laid eyes on the man who signed her weekly timesheets.

David Powers had a way of making woman change their plans. Dripping with money and charm, he had a list of former flames that read like a society gossip column. But David also had his rules, and dating office secretaries fell strictly out of bounds. Not even pretty blond secretaries with sassy little mouths, who kept renewing their temp gigs every week for reasons he couldn't quite fathom....

Now two years later, Penny's still working for David, and their office flirtation has deepened further than either would care to admit. Penny must decide how much longer to put her dreams on hold for a man who will never be hers. And David must choose whether to offer his favorite temp a permanent position on the payroll - or permanent place in his heart.

Author: adam_and_jane

Status: Completed

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