Home Alone

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Imagine, you're sitting home alone, and you hear a knock at the door. You go and answer it, and opening the door, it's me, I wrap my arms around your neck, pullimg you close and kissing you deep. You pull me inside kissing me back. "Where's your bedroom?" I softly whisper against your lips, you smile and lead the way, still kissing me, I gently push you back onto the bed and get on top of you, stripping slowly whilst grinding my hips into you. You start moaning softly and soon I'm in only my bra and panties. I decide to leave them on to tease you, and start taking your clothes off, removing your pants, and shirt, leaving your underwear on for now.

I softly rub you through your underwear, smiling at you. Then once I've teased you enough I take off your underwear and lick up the length if your cock, before taking you in my mouth, sucking gently, keeping my tongue pressed to your tip and slit, whilst going deeper, relaxing my throat so I don't choke, when you can't take anymore you pull me up to you, and kiss me hard, I kiss back and smile then lay on my back at the bottom of your bed and touch myself, running my nails over the inside of my thighs and shivering slightly, I take my panties off slowly,teasing you, and rub my clit in slow circles, closing my eyes and whimpering in pleasure before slipping two fingers inside myself, gasping and moaning your name, needing to feel you touching me, running your hands over my skin. You come closer to me, pulling me onto your lap and move your hands across my stomach, thighs and back, then grind me against your cock...slowly entering me, as I gasp and tense around you, slowly moving my hips on your lap, fucking myself on you.

You moan my name and thrust up into me, meeting my hips and fucking me harder, moving faster inside me, my wet pussy covering your cock as you go all the way deep inside me. I moan loudly as you hit my sweet spots, once you find them, you thrust against them over and over as I relax completely in your arms, moaning softly and letting you do anything you want to me. Running my nails down your back,hard but not hard enough to hurt you, not soft enough to tickle, I notice your thrusts getting softer as you get close to cumming, I whisper in your ear "Cum in me...its okay" as you thrust one last time, cumming deep inside me, I cum on you at the same time. You lay back, and I lay on your chest, both of us panting lightly, I kiss your cheek and close my eyes and we fall asleep.

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