Chapter Nine: Wolf's Den

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Chapter Nine: Wolf's Den

"Isis, honey," Mom called from the bottom of the stairs. "Come here."

"Mom, I have to go or they're going to leave me," I shouted.

"It's only four-forty," she chided. "You have plenty of time."

I shook my head in disagreement. She didn't understand. I wanted seats on the back of the charter bus with Vanessa, Eve, Enzo, and Thorn. It was where everyone would be striving to be. We all knew that it was the place that was least watched. Teachers tried sitting back there and usually ended up moving seats quickly because how obnoxious and unruly the football players could be. In order to get those seats, I had to get there early. It was already bad enough that the drive was almost four hours. By car it was three and a half, but we were taking a bus which meant it'd like take longer. The bus was leaving at six sharp. We had been warned that later comers just missed out on the opportunity.

No one was going to miss this field trip. We rarely got them. Everyone had turned in permission slips, some even going as far as to forge signatures. Those who didn't go on the field trip would be stuck at the school doing who knew what. I had to look perfect for the trip. It didn't matter that it was a national park. It was all about the principal. Every year us girls strived to out dress each other. We pulled out makeup and everything in hopes of seeing cute guys there. Usually when our high school did this trip, a couple of high schools from other cities did the same exact thing. So every year we were given eye candy. In fact, Buffalo High School had some cuties who showed up every year.

Namesake being quarterback Andres Rodriguez.

He was everywhere in our area. We all had heard of him. He was being scouted for various colleges with the offer of full ride scholarship money for the sport. I had only seen him from the distance. Yet, there was no denying that he had the cute guy next door look going. He was usually surrounded by people from their school and into arguments with Lexis, Ryder, and Drew. The four of them had some type of tension between them because when the teams went against each other in statewide competitions. It was entertaining to say. The cheerleaders from both schools often had stare downs between the showings of different habitats.

It was overrated and stupid. There was no doubt about that.

Sitting the straightener on the counter in my bathroom, I ran my fingers through my hair smoothing it down. I leaned forward puckering my lips and applying a nude rose lipstick to my lips. It blended effortlessly with my own pale lips. I'd already applied eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. I'd picked my outfit out the night before. A pair of cute ripped denim skinny jeans, which was matched with a peach off the shoulder shirt that stopped right above my belly button.

My belly ring was on exposure.

We weren't technically allowed to dress so sexily at school. So, I had a small fashionable black leather jacket that stopped right beneath my belly button. A peek of skin was exposed, but that was the point. My shoes were a pair of black ankle high boots with silver rhinestone design. My accessories were silver and black bangles, shimmering silver hoop earrings with rhinestones in it, a few different necklaces that were at various lengths, and a black belt with a silver buckle design.

Finishing up with a few sprays of a perfume from a retail store, I rushed out of the room and down the stairs. Mom was waiting at the end of the steps with one hand propped on her hip and the other on the rail. Her hip was poking out like she was posing or something. I arched an eyebrow. What was she doing? I didn't have time to stop and talk with her. I had to get those seats.

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