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I'm sitting in my room, late at night, my parents are away, and my brother isn't here. I bite my lip, and take off my jumper, smiling I stand up and remove my jeans taking time to run my fingertips over my legs. I turn my tv on, and watch a film...half way through, a sex scene shows, and I bite my lip again, getting a little turned on, I watch and without realising I'd left the door unlocked I slip my panties down to my ankles and start rubbing up my pussy lips. Adding more pressure when I focus on my clit, rubbing slow and hard circles into it, and whimpering in pleasure, I move my free hand down and slide a finger inside myself with a gasp, I push deeper inside, stretching myself a bit before adding a second, and pushing in deeper and faster, rubbing my clit more, my moans becoming louder I hear a knock at my bedroom door, scared I ignore it thinking its just my imagination, before you walk in, and see my touching myself, I dont stop and moan a bit louder, whimpering more knowing you're watching me. I arch my back and gasp as I add a 3rd finger, moving faster, searching for my sweet spots as you walk over to me, looking more closely at my actions, just as you lay inbetween my legs I let out a loud moan, hitting my sweet spot, I'm about to pull my fingers out, embarrased that you heard me moan like that, and what you're watching me do, before you move your hand over mine, pushing my fingers against my sweet spots over and over again. You use your free hand to move my other hand away, and you rub my clit softly in it's place. I moan softly against your movements, I take my fingers out and you slip yours in, thrusting inside me slowly as I whimper your name "Mmhh...fuck you feel so good inside me" I moan, moving my hips against your fingers "Shit I'm gonna cum...mmhh I'm gonna c-" I'm cut off by my loud moan as I cum all over your fingers, panting lightly I watch you smirk and bring your fingers (covered in my cum) up to your mouth and suck gently, keeping my cum in your mouth, you lean over me, kissing me deeply, I arch my back and you wrap your arms around me, pulling my body against yours. You slip your tongue in my mouth, allowing me to taste myself in you, I let out a happy and satisfied sigh as we kiss for a while, closed eyes, enjoying the moment, the feel of being in each others arms. Then you lay on your back, I'm beside you, resting my head on your chest, your arm around my shoulder, I'm nuzzling into you, and eventually fall asleep.

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