Monica| The café part 2

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"More coffee,  hon?"

The waitress refilled Briley's and Monica's cups before moving on to the next table. When the frilly apron was out of sight Monica turned her jade eyes on Briley once more. "We have to what?"

Briley finished swiping cream cheese across her bagel, sighed and then rested her chin on her fist as she stared into her coffee which was syrupy with sugar. "Look, that's what Mr. Creepypasta said. If we do it, we get a bonus, which could be an advantage over the others."

Monica ripped open a sugar packet and poured it into her coffee. Mostly to avoid looking at the Gothic girl in front of her. Briley, she said her name was, almost as peculiar as her looks. Monica didn't even know that black teen Goths existed. She surreptitiously looked around and her shoulders sagged with relief when she didn't recognize the few remaining kids still hanging around the Café. The last thing she needed was a hideous rumor generating about her kicking it with some weirdo and tarnishing her reputation. Finalist or not, Monica wasn't pleased with the scrawny resident evil reject being her apparent task partner.

"Why only us though? Why aren't the others given a mini challenge?" Monica questioned, barely keeping the agitation out of her voice.

" I don't know! The guy was super cryptic okay?" Briley scowled. "Look, I'm not exactly happy about this team up either but I can't do this without you. He specifically said you had to be on board."

Monica leaned back in her chair and bit the corner of her lip, "Fine lets just get it over with, I don't want to be spotted with you more than what's strictly necessary."

Briley rolled her eyes. "Ditto."

"So how exactly do we go about doing this?" Monica asked, bringing the coffee mug to her lips.

She paused when Briley raised one pierced eyebrow in a symbol of what do you think? 

Just freaking wonderful.

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