Considering the Options

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Thanks to Novelty for the new cover!!!!!!!! I was originally going to put it on the side, but i loved it soooo much that i made it my new cover!!!! Keep making 'em guys :)

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~~~Tyler's POV~~~

The man had pale skin and long, light blond hair that was slicked back from his face, and he looked to be in his mid to late twenties, and I'll admit he wasn't terrible looking. His hands were shoved into the pockets of a pair of black denim pants, and his mouth was fixed in a creepy smirk.

I instantly sensed he was a werewolf. All werewolves have a particular scent, different from humans; sort of woodsy.

"Who are you sweetheart?" the man asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," I snapped, tensing my already stiff body.

The man's laughter was unnerving. "Aren't you feisty!" I was silent, and he sighed. "My name's Jerod, babe." He looked at me expectantly, and when I didn't say anything, the man ran his hand through his hair. "C'mon. I told you my name, so it's only fair you tell me yours." His voice had changed from cocky to annoyed and impatient.

The man took a menacing step towards me, and I couldn't help but blurt out my name. "Tyler," he said thoughtfully, "That's not something you hear every day."

"Yep," I quipped, and then I tried to rush past him in the doorway. Jerod stuck out his arm blocking my path.

"Where you going, beautiful?" He asked, and I flinched at the sleeze in his voice.

"I've get to leave," I stated quietly, not meeting his eyes.

"Oh, no," Jerod said with a short laugh, "Not before you answer some questions." Before I could protest, he gripped my arm tightly and dragged me to the couch. He pushed me back and I landed on the cracked, leather cushion of the couch. Then Jerod dropped onto the loveseat opposite me, completely ignoring the giant blood stain he was sitting in.

"So, would you like to tell me what you're doing in my house?" I stayed silent, and Jerod frowned at me. "You'd be better off answering me, Tyler."

"I used to live here," I said cautiously, "I lived here until I was fourteen."

"Did you move or something?" he asked, and I shook my head. "Well then why did you leave?"

"I was captured by hunters," I replied without thinking. Why am I telling him this?

Jerod gave me a strange look and then glanced at the bloodstains on the floor and where he was sitting. His mouth curved into a twisted smile and he pointed to the bloodstains. "Your parents?" My jaw dropped involuntarily at his insensitivity. Jerod seemed to take this as a yes, and I watched, dumbstruck, as he seemed to "snuggle" down against the blood stain.

"You know, there isn't a pack in this area," commented Jerod. I looked at him confusedly; what was he getting at. "If you lived here, you wouldn't be part of a pack."

"How do you know I'm part of a pack?"

"I can smell it on you," stated Jerod matter-of-factly. "I can also tell that you just joined."

"So?" I snapped. Jerod was digging way too much in my personal life, even though we had just met.

"So," said Jared, looking a bit stunned from my sudden intensity, "You missed out."

"I missed out on what, exactly?"

"On being free."

"What do you mean?" I asked, all hostility and caution gone; replaced with complete curiosity.

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