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Since the first days of my sickness, at the beginning of this adventure, through the limits of survive, fortunately ecxeeded many times, my father did everything to assure fisiotherapy in accordance with the others therapies. In the first period it was a simple mobilization, then it became a real therapeutical protocol implemented since my entry in Montecatone center and structured then as the stardard that i follow today.
So it is the essential part of my day, i do it everyday for 4 hours a day except on sunday. It let me to have all the afternoon Free.
If Today I can say that my good fisical qnd Health condition (considering few critical moments) stabilized in 25 years, is thanks to a strong determination and a complete dedition that i spend everyday. A full immersion so strong that even only 2 data without, put me in serious trubles.
It is an hard work to bring on, it make me feel very tired and destroyed, in fact there are some afternoons during wich i am not able to rest mostly if i feel so sick that I don t feel able to do my therapies.
Fisiotherapy is my partner, it is a part of my life as a big friend that gives suffering but even many satisfactions!

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