A Few More Surprises. Part 37

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15th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

To say that the short chat I had with Cole was interesting to say the least. Which it was.

But once he began to calm down and allow me to go through his file with him and then explain a few things to him helped him to settle down even further.

Some twit told him he would never walk again. Or be able to make love to a woman. And I was pissed when I heard him repeat that to me. I asked him if he remembered names which was a stupid question because he was an extremely smart man given his age.

Needless to say, I was making a few phone calls after I was finished here with Cole. A tongue lashing for two was in order and I was looking forward to giving it out to them both. The damn fools.

Anyway, I sat with Cole and told him everything that I had learned since I had my own accident. I even told him about a special lady who came to visit with me when I was rehabilitating. She didn't give up on me and it was her example that helped me get into the field that i now specialize in.

So we sat there and spoke about his accident. How he felt once he recovered and also what his future plans were now that he has to adjust them somewhat due to this bit of a kerfuffle in his life.

" Kerfuffle? Is that what you think this is?" He asked me incredulously. At least that's what his voice sounded like when he asked me that.

" Cole. The injuries you sustained are no where near how bad mine were. It took me five years to wipe my own arse and even then, I might need help on occasion. So your injuries are pitiful compared to what mine were like.Believe me." I said to him as we sat there looking out the window to the view outside.

I had been inhere for nearly four hours and I was tired and sore and I wanted a nap. It was also nearly dinner time and I was also hungry damn it. I was startled when Cole suddenly burst out in laughter.

" I said that out loud, didn't I?" I said to him with a smile.

" Yeah. You did." he said back at me as he continued to chuckle at me.

" It's been a long and interesting day for me and it isn't over. Why don't you try and get some rest and I'll be seeing you tomorrow after breakfast." I said to him as I stood up on wobbly feet and staggered a little as i tried to catch my balance for a moment while Cole watched me.

Then I leaned down and kissed his cheek before turning around and walking towards the door.

"Promise me." He called out to me suddenly as I reached the door.

Holding onto the handle, I slightly turned to look back at him and waited for him to finish speaking as I used my other hand to lean against the door.

"Promise you what?" I asked him simply without asking anything else.

"Promise me that it does get better?" He demanded of me. Not exactly asking for a promise.

" I promise that you will be back on your feet and back at work and seducing all those girls like you use to before too long. But not tomorrow. Maybe in a few months or so. But I promise that you will be. Okay?" I asked him as I looked at him with a genuine smile on my face.

" All right then. You can get out now." He said as he turned and started to look through the notations I made in his file. I hope he can understand my hand writing. It is a bit messy with my own disabilities.

I opened the door with a smile to see Reid leaning against the wall opposite the door I just opened. I wondered how long he had been there waiting? Served him right anyway when I told him to go and get himself a coffee.

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