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"Annie! Annie!" Brennan said running towards the crying Annie. Annie turns around causing her hair to fly to the right. Annie tries to wipe away her tears but the tears can't stop, "Annie, please, forgive me." Brennan said trying to hug Annie but Annie pushed him away, "Go away"

The teacher suddenly walked towards them, while holding books and folders. "Why are you crying? Ms. LeBlanc?" The teacher said, with a worried tone. Annie didn't answer and they ignored the teacher, "I should take you guys to the office"

The teacher pulled Annie inside the school then Brennan and Maci followed. 

"What's the problem, Julianna?" The school principal said with a worrying voice, Annie didn't say a word, she stopped crying but she couldn't speak,
"I hurt her"

Brennan said looking down, being his nervous self. The principal's eyes got widen when Brennan finished his sentence, "What do you mean Hurt?" The teacher said with a confused tone.

"He didn't actually hurt her, he.. he..."


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