A Few Surprises. Part 36

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15th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

To say that Barb was shocked that I asked or even knew of her problem was surprising. But she shouldn't have been. She knew what I was like. I had to be growing up the way I did.

The moment that abortions were mentioned, I saw that Barb carefully moved her hand and rested it over her lower stomach. Then when the word abortion was mentioned, she winced each time which cemented it for me that she was pregnant.

Catching a few painful glances that she was giving to the man who stood beside Angela also made it clear that he was the father.

"Does he know?" I asked her in a low whisper so that only our table could hear what we were talking about.

Although the rest of the patrons who were lunching here were still excitedly talking about the confrontation that had just been had between Angela and ourselves. I guess that Angela had a few more people than I realized who didn't actually like her.

I suppose it was because that she wasn't just a bully to us as kids either. She used to be a bully where our older ones were concerned in the community. Something I don't think changed either.

" No. He doesn't. At least I don't think so. We we both a bit on the drunk side when it happened." Barb murmured to me bringing my attention back to the present again.

" Wow! I mean wow. That must make it hard with him being with her." Bella was saying to her.

" You have no idea." Barb went on to say to us quietly as she started to sip from her latte. Her chocolate one. Something she doesn't normally have.

A moment later, Jen was back us again, slowly wiggling and plopping herself down on to the seat she vacated a moment earlier.

" All right. What did I miss? And was it good?" Jen asked with a smile as we began to eat our lunch which we all had before us now.

" Barb is pregnant with the jackasses baby." Bella bluntly popped out which had Jen begin choking again on whatever it was she just slid into her mouth.

Barb had to slap her on the back a few times to clear he throat. To be honest, it was actually funny watching them carry on with each other with Barb trying to help and Jen trying to push her away from her.

Of course, Bella was doing a little giggling of her own at the sight of the two older women carrying on as they were. I was trying not to join her since I thought they were a sight to see as well.

" That was certainly something I was not expecting. When on earth did you two get together to do the deed?" Jen asked her once she started eating again after settling down with the choking fit.

" It happened and that's all you need to know." Barb went on to say to her before bogging down into her lunch like we were.

" You have to admit. It has been a day of surprises." Bella was saying as she grinned at the others including me.

" It certainly has, my young friend. It certainly has." I went on to say to her with a smile.

The rest of the meal was of us lightly chatting about anything and everything that had been happening in our lives regardless of how small and insignificant it was.

" That was quite some revelation with Angela. How on earth did you keep that bit of news under the bushel?" Jen went on to say with Barb nodding in agreement with her.

"It happened a long time ago and I didn't want to bring it up, but enough's enough where she is concerned. She crossed the line with Bella here and I was not going to let it go like we usually did. She needed a reality check." I went on to say to them in between bites to finish off the croissant.

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