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No copyrightt intended on Peter Pan, but all rights reserved on new characters and story plot.

It's all thinks to the owner of the peter pan movies ,books and tapes that I got the Idea Hookey was born one day how come girls can't fly like peter so I crated her a mix between to characters you will guess witch because it's kind of obvious.

please enjoy this story in story since there is anther story in the story about someones childhood but you will have to guess how.

 Maniac Natter and Rably Rater - both are all ways the first to start a fight mostly against each other

Hookey- You probably now how she is named after you guessed it captain hook of the jollyrogger she like captain hook she is also a pirate captain.There many sides to hooky you can find out more about her later Oh did I mention she is a girl

Jake and Magie - both are second in command after Hookey both are the only known people to not get hookey's dangers said on them.

Tik- A friy boy what ever you call boy kind of fierce. If you now Tinkerbell then you should know he is kind of different always afraid of trouble witch hookey seems to get into a lot.

Jolly Anne- She has 2 brothers she, does'nt hate nor fully like kids it depend on witch kids.

Roger- Is one of Jolly Anne's brothers, he is okay with kids as long as they leave him alone.

James- is anther of Jolly Anne brothers,he dos'int like kids at all, he want's to be a pirate witch his dad disapproves of .

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