Meeting Happy

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The heavy metal door slammed shut as you hauled the full beer crates to the back alley behind the bar you worked at. You grumbled as you stacked the crates behind the smelly dumpster hating your friend for making you switch shifts. Tonight had to be one of the worst shifts of your life. So far you had your ass pinched twice, slapped five times, and you have been called bitch six times too many.

You couldn't wait for this night to be over.

"You need help, Little Girl?" Came a raspy voice right next to you causing you to let out a small yelp as you jumped away from the mystery man and the settled beer crates. 

"Sweet baby Jesus! You scared the shit outta me." You said looking up at the tall man before you causing you to gasp again. 

He was tall, dark, and handsome. 

From what you could see both of his arms were covered in tattoos and his tall muscular body was nicely wrapped up in faded blue jeans, a tight grey shirt, and a black leather vest. He had nice tan skin, a clean shaved head, and sharp facial features with a slightly tilted nose and high cheekbones.

"Sons of Anarchy..." You hummed trailing your eyes over the patches on the worn black leather. Most people in Charming thought the local motorcycle gang/biker mechanics to be a nuisance to the town and not worth the trouble that comes along with trying to get an oil change. You on the other hand thought that even with some bad they bring some good to the town. 

Grunting he stepped away from you pulling one last puff from his cigarette before throwing it on the ground and stepping onto the small bud. 

"You're Y/N, right?" He rumbled leaning against the brick wall behind him as his dark brown eyes left a trail of heat over your body as he slowly looked you over. 

"Yes, and you are?" You asked slightly nervous to how he knew your name and why he was asking. Crossing your arms under your chest you watched as his eye focused onto your breasts that were pushed upwards in the tight v-neck all the bartenders had to wear before flickering up to your pursed lips.

"Happy Lowman."


"Yes. My name's Happy and I would love to hear you scream it all night long, Little Girl." He growled softly pushing up off the wall behind him before he started to slowly stalk towards you. 

Looking up at Happy you blushed as he caged you against the wall behind you and trailed a rough calloused hand down the side of your face until it rested onto your hip. 

"I don't do one night stands." You said biting your lip as you looked up into his dark eyes  slowly pushing off the wall and hummed feeling his strong grip on your hip increase in the slightest. 

Feeling brave you softly pressed your body against his before trailing your hand over his tattooed arm closest to you settling on a small snake at the base of his bicep."And you gotta buy me dinner first before I get anywhere near your snake." You smiled up at him running your fingers across the snake tattoo as he shifted back and let out the loudest laugh you ever heard in your life causing tremors to rack throughout his body from his deep voice. 

Looking down at you Happy shook his head before letting go of your hip and throwing his large arm over your shoulder leading you to the bars back entrance. 

"That can be arranged. I've been wanting to take you out for a while now Y/N." He chuckled opening the door for you as you shivered in his hold from hearing him say your name in his deep rasp. 


"Really." Happy nodded back before dropping his arm from around you to take ahold of your left one giving it a light squeeze

"I'll pick you up tomorrow after your shift is over Little Girl." He smiled before giving your hand one last squeeze and walking away towards the back of the bar where the rest of the Sons were laughing and drinking the night away in their usual tables. 

"Bye Happy." You mumbled shyly seeing him look back at you over his shoulder. 

"Bye Little Girl." He called back winking at you before turning bak forward and continuing his journey to his club.

Watching the reaper on his back sway as Happy walked away from you, you blushed feeling the old burn of arousal settle in you body. Smiling you made your way back behind the bar and started taking orders and making drinks. 

Maybe tonight won't be too bad after all you thought looking back to the tables where Happy and his club brothers sat seeing him staring back at you with a killer smirk on his handsome face. 


Until next time. 

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