Letter Asking for Permission

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AN OPEN LETTER FROM MY CRAZY MIND (Linguists, you don’t have a space here, don’t even think of the way I constructed it semantically.  So defensive mode)

January 4, 2014 (2:00 – 4:00 P.M)

Dear Mister-you-know-who-you-are,

(Do I need it to be formal or what? And the language use? Do I need to use highfalutin words and grandiloquent adjectives similar to John Green’s novels? Wahahahahaha! Abnormal Mode…

 As Malcolm X said (I dunno him personaly) “I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color”. Because I respected  you so much, including your works, your handsome face (as you always say), and your tabs I mean your abs, I am writing this letter (which made my head  jittery, my heart malfunctioning, my brain drained, my eyes blurry, my hands fidgeting, and my nose…until now I’m experiencing haemorrhage!)

Enough for that, let’s make it kind of formal, you might not allow me to do so because I’m so bubbly here.

(Ehem) May I just ask permission from your oh-so-creative mind to please allow me to publish your I-dunno-what’s-the-right-term for that. I just wanted the rest of the humanity to know how ingenious your mind is when you are bored. (This will actually make them an idea that they should bore you from time to time.) 

I was just happy saving those antics of yours since the beginning. I’m actually guilty here because I didn’t apprise you in the first place, since you do have the right because they were all your works.

 Just in case you will give me your YES I will still be happy continuing what I had started.  (I’m serious here). I know you might find me weird, really crazy most of the time, but I can’t help it, since the time I met you! Damn! You are even crazier! Remember the picture? That was a surprised! Good thing I am used to those yummy abs! Lol! Wahahahah! Why did I insert that here?

By the way, you might be wondering why I kept all those stuff of yours….simply because I am that kind of person who keeps memories because of many reasons, and I’ll tell you ten of them:

First: I kept them because I felt that somehow they will make me happy.

Second: I just sensed that I might sell you in the near future because of your talent. (now I’m actually starting by asking permission to publish all your scandals, I mean poems.

Third: I am just proud seeing those lines made for me…I dunno know really if they are all meant for me…

Fourth: (can I just skip this)

Fifth: (Can I skip this reason again)

Sixth: You are special (special child)…hehehehe…really special for me…don’t want to elaborate this.

Ninth: I just wanted to

Tenth:  (skip again)

With those above mentioned reasons, will you allow me to publish your works publicly? If you will, then be aware of the following:

1.       I will be mentioning your name (you cannot do anything about it, since I wanted to sell you)

2.       I might be posting your picture. (the highlight will be the one half naked)

3.       I will be giving your number (in case somebody will ask for it)

4.       I will be placing links to your facebook and wattpad. (girls will be wooing you)

5.       I am not actually serious of Numbers 1-4. (wahahahaha)

(Whew! I still need more paragraphs here since I promised a two-page letter)

Now that you had read what’s in my crazy mind, can I get an answer from you? Remember, I don’t take NO as an answer, whether you like it or you like it very much, the soft copy is with me and I can still publish them with or without your permission. Wahahahahaha!  I dunno how to end this, but this is the end of my two-page letter of asking permission.  Bow!

P.S. Don’t even think of letting me show my infamous, beautiful, angelic face coz I won’t do it,  for the reason that you might fall for me. I could not handle it anymore! Wahahahahahahaha!

Still-dizzy-until-now (I need paracetamol)


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