Chapter 3

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Oh my god. Is this just a trick? I need to think hard on this decision.

"YES!" I shouted.

So much for thinking hard. Where have I seen her before? I can't quite remember but I know she has a significance on my life. How could I not remember someone like her? I can't remember and it's driving me crazy! Like when you can't remember what a charactors name in a movie is in real life. Or when you can't remember a verse to a song. Hmm... Where?

"Good," she replied with a twisted smile. That smile. Where was that smile from? 

I remember now! Shes the reason I am like this! Obviously I am going to let her play my game! We could be a tag team or something. I admire her. 

In fourth grade, Mrs.Flatos class, a boy with some messed up hair and a puke green shirt came up to her while she was sitting in the corner of the room with a book reading. I was watching everything from the safety of my seat. Yes, I said safety. Anyways, she was just reading and he came over and took the book. He held a bottle of glue in one hand and the other the book. He took the glue and covered the book with it. The teacher wasn't watching them two when she had 18 other vexatious little brats to watch. He then closed the book and gave it to her. It was weird but she was pissed. She stood up and went to the bin of scissors. A fourth grade. Out came a pair and out ran his blood from his face. I liked the way it looked running down his face as he screamed and the teacher ran over. She put on the sweetest smile you would ever see and when asked what happened simply lied.

"I was just sitting reading my book and he was holding a pair of scissors and glue then he tripped and the glue got on my book but I saw he cut his face with the scissors so I ran over to help him immidietely."

For a fourth grader, she would have won a Grammy. He went to the nurse and she started reading something else. I admired her for her strong personality and willingness to get revenge. 

I havn't really seen her since then because she was in different classes as me but after all these years she never changed. A big smile crept up my face and I was so happy to see her.

"Come with me," I directed her to my locker and opened it to get another knife. She pointed out a pair of gloves that had the fingertips cut off and liked them. So, she took them and fixed her hair to pigtails to seem innocent for our first tagteam. 

"Heres what I have in mind," I went on with my story and she agreed so we put it in place. 

I suddenly felt like a Hurricane. A Hurricane sweeping over an ocean filled with ships that wont turn on and cant move. Consuming them as I pass by. I loved every bit of it. 

Our next level was the Social Studies room upstairs. So we got in place and turned off the hall lights and got a flashlight from the janitors closet. I placed it in a rigged locker and kept it open. She ran in the room without the knife showing and closed the doors. She ran behind something and a few people popped out. 

"Coast is clear guys," one said as about 5 people showed up out of the worst hiding spots.

All I know is that they talked and she played her convincing acting. Now it was my turn. I walked past as they hushed up. My shadow clearly showing in the window and on the inside. Everyone in the room shut up and my partner screamed.


"SHHHHH!" A few yelled back. 

I stopped walking and they could see me turn my head in my shadow. I walked closer and heard them all scramble to hide when I turned the handle. Then I walked in and she was there not hiding with a 'scared' look on her face so I walked up to her and pretended to stab her. They all jumped out and screamed but when they did we were at the door blocking it and she had her knife out. Crazed looks came over our faces. They were shaking with fear and we just laughed.

"You tricked us!" One pointed out.

"No shit dumbass," she remarked sarcastically and at that time I knew we would be good team mates. 

"But why?" 

I noticed the girl that saw me earlier shaking in fear and I was happy she was going to die. Then I looked and saw 5 others. 2 guys and 3 girls. All of them a perfect example of stupid cliche drama filled teenagers. So I wanted to kill them but we had a plan. We decided to make them kill themselves or they live. 

"Because it's funny now go open the window and jump out. All of you," she stated. 

"What?" A confused look sprang up over them. 

"We aren't going to kill you. You jump and if you die then haha sucks for you. If you live then run home and cry about it," she explained. 

They stared at eachother and started forming a plan to get down safely like a monkey chain. They opened the window and held hands and started going down. When the last person was inside holding the hands of the other I got irritated and kicked him out of the window. Then they all fell and all I saw was blood. Incase someone didnt die, we started dropping the collection of text books out the window onto them and laughing as we heard screaches. We dropped the computer on them, a few other things and we then heard no more screaming. How nice are we? So nice. 

"Where to next partner?" she asked.

"Whats your name?" I was curious. 

"Rebecca Price," she answered.

"Well Rebecca, next level is the Girls Locker Room."

"Great," she answered.

And on we went.  

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